We talked about changing violin strings yesterday, and suggested changing them on Ground Hog's Day and August 1.  We change strings to make sure that we are playing on good clean strings and getting the best possible sound out of the violin.  We want to make sure that we have good, strong strings to make sure that they will not break on us at an important time.  Changing strings is something that is not really difficult to do.

Don't forget, though, that there are rules to follow when you change your strings.

1.  DO NOT REMOVE ALL OF THE OLD STRINGS AT THE SAME TIME.  If you don't maintain tension on the bridge it is possible that it will cause the sound post inside the violin to fall.  Change one string at a time.

2.  Wind the strings on the pegs neatly.  It will help the strings remain in tune better.

3.  When you change the strings, take a soft lead pencil and "write" in the notches in the nut and the bridge.  The graphite from the pencil will act as a lubricant and make your strings a little easier to tune.

4.  I like to change my E, then G, then D, then A.  But bring each string up to tune before changing the next.

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