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Today's Tip
Today is my wife's birthday.

Kathy is one of the most organized people I know.  She makes more lists of things to do than almost anyone I know.  And what makes her different from me is that she actually completes the things she writes down!

And she generally does whatever it takes to complete her tasks.  She's a school Administrator (so yes, I basically go to the Principal's office every day) and she is frequently still working on school-related business at 9 p.m. 

So basically, Kathy sets out a plan, then works her plan.  That makes her a very successful lady.

And that's what we violinists need to do when it comes to our practice.  We need to have a plan at the beginning of the practice session. 

First, we need to know specific things to work on during the practice.  "I'm going to play for 30 minutes," is just not good enough.

Second, we need to systematically proceed through the lesson so that we cover the things that we are working on and not leave some of them undone.

Third, we need to look back at the end of the practice and see what progress was made.

And fourth, part of today's practice needs to be some thought about what we will work on tomorrow.

Cover all four aspects and your practice will be successful. 

By the way, Happy Birthday Kathy!

Violin Practice Magnet
A great practice reminder, this refrigerator magnet  frowns before practice, but turns into a smile when your student turns it around after his practice and proclaims "Practice Done."  Click a picture to have a look.