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The first step in practicing your violin is to clear you mind.  You need to be mentally ready to do the work to reinforce skills that you have already learned and progress in the skills that you aare working on.

Different people have different methods of clearing their mind.  Some people simply take a minute or two of silence.  Some people use meditation or yoga.  Some people simply play favorite tunes that they have memorized, and that puts them into the right frame of mind to practice.

Today I would like to present you with an idea that I have seen work in some Suzuki violin students.  I am not affiliated with the program in any way other than having watched my daughter and her colleagues use the system with their teacher with what seemed to be a high degree of success.

Brain Gym is a practice of "educational kinesiology" the study and application of natural movement experiences to facilitate learning. It focuses on the performance of specific physical activities that activate the brain for optimal storage and retrieval of information.

My daughter's Suzuki teacher used movements developed through Brain Gym to prepare her students for large group and small group lessons.  She also suggested that parents use the program at home during practice. 
Here is a link that describes a few of the exercises that we did.

Did it work?  It seemed to have a positive effect on my daughter.  Her attitude seemed better when we used the movements.  She also seemed to learn a little better when we used Brain Gym exercises.  Was it the specific movement that made a difference, or was it simply a routine to get her into the right frame of mind to practice?  . . . That I don't have a good answer for.  But I am impressed enough with the results that I saw to suggest that you visit the Brain Gym site and do a little bit of research for yourself.
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Brain Gym resources at
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