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Today's Tip
Always remember that every part of your violin practice produces music.

When you are warming up, you are playing music.  When you are playing scales and arpeggios you are playing music.  When you are playing etudes you are playing music.

Don't ever get the idea that just because you are playing a warm-up or an etude that you can just play without thinking about it or "go on autopilot."

Play everything musically.

When you play scales alter the rhythms you play.  Change the dynamics . . . get louder and softer.  Play accenting every third note.  Change the bowing so that you play three notes with a single bow, then two, then three, then two and so on.  You'll be surprised how much fun you can have playing scales as you would expect famous artists or composers to play them.  Johann Sebastian Bach's scales would probably sound different from those played by Jimi Hendrix.

And never forget, the verb we use is "play."  So have some fun and play some music rather than just repeat boring things over and over again.
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