Those of you who have been visiting this web site for a while know that I am a big fan of finger exercises.  The opportunity to improve my playing by using brief snippets of time, even while I am far from my instrument, appeals to me very much.
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This was one of those moments when I had to shake my head and wonder why I never saw this.  I have used an exercise similar to this for years, keeping the palm flat on the table and slowly raising one finger at a time, then lowering it to the table. It's a great exercise.  But FORCEFULLY returning the finger to the table adds another aspect to the strengthening!  And I might add that you could press the finger against the table for a count of three, five or ten, which would further strengthen the finger, wrist, and forearm.  If you feel pain, relax the finger immediately.  We want to strengthen, not injure.

Another finger exercise from Bachmann tomorrow!
I found this exercise while reading Alberto Bachmann's classic, An Encyclopedia of the Violin.
Bachmann writes:
Lay the hand flat on a table, and then slowly raise the fingers, to let them fall back again forcefully."
Violin Tip of the Day - April 15
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Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
Hand Exercises--Even Without Your Violin--Can Build Your Finger Strength and Improve Your Playing!
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