Stocking Stuffers
Make Christmas Morning
Even More Fun!

No Stradivarius Violins here!  But the right Stocking Stuffers will make anyone smile on Christmas morning! 

There's something on this page that will tickle the fancy of any violinist, fiddler . . . in fact any musician! 

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Ornaments Are Nice, But
Sometimes Practical Gifts are Good!
An Outstanding Reference
For Violinists, Violists and Fiddlers at a Bargain Price!
Finger Fitness Power Web Jr. Hand Exerciser Medium
Good for Hand Strengthening and Stress Relief for Late Beginner to Intermediate Violinists, Pianists...
Any Activity Involving Dexterity!
Finger Fitness Complete Hand Workout (DVD)
Planet Waves Tuning Fork A
A Tuning Fork is a Great Way to Carry a Tuner Everywhere You Go! It's Also Helps With Ear Training! (Be Sure You Specify a Tuning Fork at
The String Centre Metal Practice Mute Violin
The String Centre Ultra Rubber Practice Mute Violin
Violinist Ornament
Glory to God Angel Violinist Ornament
Praise God Angel Violin Ornament
Lady Violinist Ornament
Bow Bow Bow Santa Ornament
Ho-Ho-Hold It Right There!
Are You Taking Care of that Violin the Way You Should. These Can Help!
Fiddling Fun as Your Festoon Your Fir With Music Ornaments!
Even More Ornaments Right Here!
Need Some Gift Opening Music?
Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet Music
A Virtual Sheet Music Membership allows you to download PDF format sheet music to your computer instantly! No more trips to the music store or waiting for delivery, you can have it when you want it. An annual membership allows unlimited downloads for many instruments. And since the business owner is a violinist himself, you can be sure that Violin Music is a Priority! Great Gift for the Holiday Season!
Suzuki Violin Calendar
Fun For Your Student, Useful as a Practice Reminder. Cross a day off the calendar each day you practice, or use this practice reminder refrigerator magnet to make sure practice gets done every day!
Practice Reminder Magnet
Start the Day With the Sad Face Showing.  When The Student Has Completed Practice Allow Him to Twist the Magnet (Place Your Mouse Over the Picture) to Turn That Frown into a Smile.  Practice Done!
Apple iTunes
I LUV Violin Stocking
So Many Violins Stocking
I LUV Violin Stocking
So Many Violins Stocking
Practice Mutes are Wonderful!
Play Without Disturbing Others
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