Violins at Christmas
Violin at Christmas Santa with Violin, Countdown to Christmas
Christmas and Violins go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows!  You can celebrate the birth of the King of Kings.  Or you can just revel in the joys of the Holiday Season.  Either way, break out your bow and your fiddle and play!
Here are some links that will help you and your violin get through the holiday season. There's everything here from Sheet Music to Violin Gift Ideas to Stocking Stuffers.
Violin Christmas Ornaments, Violin Ornaments and Fiddle Ornaments for a Musician's Christmas Tree
Christmas Violin Gifts
Stocking Stuffers For Violinists
Christmas Violin Sheet Music, Violin Carols, Christmas Songs for Violin
Violin and Music Ornaments
Some are Violin Ornaments.  Some Relate to Music.  Some are Just Plain Nice.  Look at this Nice Selection of Ways to Decorate Your Home or Office for the Season.
Christmas Sheet Music
Having a violin is cool.  Having a violin that sits idle during the holiday season is not!  Here are some resources that you can use to obtain Violin Christmas Sheet Music (or any other instrument) by ordering it online and having it delivered . . . or in some cases downloading it right to your computer!
Gift Suggestions for Violinists
Some for Fun.  Some for Decoration.  Some Practical.  But something here for almost everyone who loves the violin!
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Stocking Stuffers for Musicians
No Stradivarius Violins here, but small items to put a smile on almost any violinist's face come Christmas morning! 
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Stocking Stuffers For Violinists
Books -- Music Reading for All Ages
Looking for Technical Books about Violins, or a Nice Story for Your 4-Year Old? They're here!
What Christmas Gifts Are You Looking For?