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October 13
Can You Guess?
We read that Moritz Hauptmann taught Arthur Sullivan of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. These two men produced many comic operas, several of which involve the ocean.  Can You Guess how William Sullivan died?

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What Else
1694 - Johann Pezel,  German composer, violinist, trumpeter, died.

1726 - Antonio Vivaldi became director of the Teatro Sant'Angelo in Venice.

1855 - Premiere of first version of Brahms's Piano Trio No. 1 in B.

1890 - Premiere of Richard Strauss' tone poem Macbeth at Weimar with Strauss conducting.

1897 - Harrison Kerr,  American composer, was born in Cleveland.

1911 - Andre Navarra, French cellist, was born.

1912 - Hugo Weisgall, Moravian-American composer was born.

1944 -  Premiere of David Diamond's Symphony No. 2. Boston Symphony Orchestra. 

1968 - Premiere of Allan Pettersson's Symphony No. 7, in Stockholm.

1974 - Joseph Krips , Austrian composer, died in Geneva, age 72.

1982 - Premiere of Leonard Bernstein's opera-house version of Candide. New York City Opera.

1984 - Stevie Wonder started a 3-week run at #1 on the US singles chart with I Just Called To Say I Love You.

1994 - Premiere James MacMillan's Memento for string quartet.  Premiered by the Kronos Quartet.
Moritz Hauptmann, the famous German violinist, composer, teacher and musicologist, was born Oct. 13, 1792, in  Dresden, Saxony (Germany).  He studied music under the masters of music of the time including Scholz, Lanska, Grosse and Morlacchi (Weber's rival).  He completed his training as a violinist under the famous violinist and conductor Ludwig Spohr.  In addition to his music studies, Hauptmann was evidently very interested in mathematics.
After he completed his studies, Hauptmann held various positions in private courts until 1820.  While music was always his true love and chief concern, Hauptmann was also quite skilled at mathematics, and for a time he was even employed as an architect.  He also conducted studies in the field of acoustics.

In 1822 Hauptmann joined the orchestra of the city of Kassel. This placed him once more into contact with his former teacher, Ludwig Spohr.  There, besides his duties as a performer, Hauptmann taught composition and music theory.  Throughout this time Hauptmann continued work on his own compositions.  While his compositions of the period were primarily Masses, cantatas, and songs, he did produce one opera, the tragic grand opera Mathilde, which was first produced in 1826.

In 1842 Hauptmann became cantor at the Thomas School (Thomasschule) of Leipzig, the same school that had employed Johann Sebastian Bach from 1726 to 1749.  The next year Hauptmann joined the faculty of the newly formed Leipzig Conservatory as a full professor.

It was while he was at the Leipzig Conservatory that Hauptmann's gifts as a music educator came to the fore.  Among his students were violinist Joseph Joachim, pianist Hans von Bülow, composer Frederic Hymen Cowen, and composer Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert and Sullivan fame).

In 1850, Hauptmann,  Otto Jahn and Robert Schumann founded the Bach-Gesellschaft (“Bach Society”).  Hauptmann served as the society's president for the remainder of his life.  As part of his work for the society he edited the first three volumes of the Bach-Gesellschaft (BG) edition of Bach's complete works. His most important publication in the area of theory was
Die Natur der Harmonik und Metrik (The Nature of Harmony and Meter), which was published in 1853..

Moritz Hauptmann died January 3, 1868.  The mourning that occurred in Leipzig upon his death is said to have been almost equal to that at the death of his friend Mendelssohn.  True to his mathematical nature, Hauptmann's compositions are characterized by symmetry and perfection of workmanship rather than by spontaneous invention.
Moritz Hauptmann
Stevie Wonder
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Did You Guess?
Arthur Sullivan, writer of The Pirates of Penzance and HMS Pinafore died of a heart attack while trying to save a woman from drowning.