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November 28
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1632 - Birth of Italian-French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully, French composer, was born in Florence Italy.

1811 - Premiere of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5. Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Johann Philip Christian Schultz conducting, Friedrich Schneider, soloist.

1815 - Death of German violinist J. P. Salomon.

1925 - Premiere of A. Copland's Music for the Theater. Koussevitsky conducting, in NYC, at League of Composer's concert.

1925 - Grand Ole Opry premieres as WSM Barn Dance on WSM radio Nashville TN

1949 - Paul Shaffer, Late Night with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live orchestra leader, was born in Thunder Bay Ontario.

1964 - Willie Nelson made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tenn

1990 - Premiere of Christopher Rouse's Concerto per Corde (Concerto for Strings), at Avery Fisher Hall by the American Symphony Orchestra.

2001 - Lyricist Kal Mann, who co-wrote classic hits like Elvis Presley's Teddy Bear and Chubby Checker's Let's Twist Again, died.
Rouse was accepted to Oberlin College in 1967.  While there he studied with Richard Hoffmann.  He graduated from Oberlin in 1971, and began private studies in Philadelphia with George Crumb.  From 1973 to 1977 Rouse undertook graduate studies with Karel Husa at Cornell University.  He earned both his master's and doctoral degrees there.     

In 1976 Rouse received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, followed by his being named a teaching fellow in the field of composition at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).  He stayed there until 1981 when he received the League of Composers ISCM prize for The Infernal Machine and was appointed to the faculty of the Eastman School of Music, in Rochester, NY.

His first significant commission was for the piece Rotae Passionis, in 1982.  He was the Baltimore Symphony's first Composer-In-Residence from 1986-1989, and stayed on as their New Music Advisor until 2000.

Every major US orchestra has played works written by Christopher Rouse.  Of particular interest to the readers of this site is Rouse's violin concerto, which was commissioned by the Aspen Music Festival and premiered in 1992.  His violoncello concerto was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and was premiered by Yo-Yo Ma in 1994. He has also written chamber music for strings, most notably his string quartets.

In 1992 Rouse also composed his trombone concerto.  It was premiered by the New York Philharmonic, and received a Pulitzer Prize in 1993.

1997 was particularly busy for Rouse.  Not only was he the featured composer at the Helsinki Biennale and Composer-in-Residence at Tanglewood, Rouse joined the faculty of the Juilliard School in New York City while remaining on the faculty of the Eastman School of Music.

Rouse's music had been known for its driving, energy with somber overtones.  In fact, he referred to this when he said that he felt stereotyped in people's minds as a kind of musical "prince of darkness."  But his more recent compositions brightened considerably, with the best example of that being his piece entitled Rapture, which was commissioned by the Pittsburgh Symphony. 

In 2002 Rouse joined the Juilliard School on a full-time basis, and in 2004 was named Composer-In-Residence for the Pittsburgh Symphony.

Rouse's fans range far and wide, and include conductors Christoph Eschenbach, Leonard Slatkin, Marin Alsop, and David Zinman.  The Baltimore sun wrote, "When the music history of the late 20th century is written, I suspect the explosive and passionate music of Rouse will loom large."
Christopher Rouse's Concerto per Corde (Concerto for Strings) premiered at Avery Fischer Hall on November 28, 1990, played by the American Symphony Orchestra.

Rouse was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 15, 1949.  Rouse developed an early interest in both classical and popular music.

As a child, Rouse studied guitar and drumkit, and started composing music in 1956.
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Can You Guess?
The birth of Jean-Baptist Lully is noted below. His death was particularly noteworthy, and related to music. Can You Guess how Lully died?  Not much of a hint today, gang, the story is just a little too strange.

Look at the bottom of the page for the answer.
Johann Georg Pisendel became on the 2nd christmas holiday 1687 as 5th child of the Kantorsfamilie Pisendel in Cadolzburg in means franc born. 

Pisendels father Simon originated a Färberfamilie out of mark new churches in the constable country.  1680 the father applied himself after successful training visit in Nuremberg around vacant places in Cadolzburg, around that of the organist and Kantors and that of the training master.  Simon Pisendel married 26-year-old in January 1681 in long zen the 18 years Cunigunda Züll young baker daughter and mayor daughter out of long zen.  Immediately they pulled after Cadolzburg where yet in November 1681 became its 1st child (Salome) born. 

Johann Georg Pisendel in its parental home experienced the early children years together with his parents and a 3 year of older as well as a 3 year sister of younger.  Father Simon Pisendel, "a special lover of the Music, that all instruments verse deed, has the youth, so desire in addition had" and also its single son Johann Georg prematurely music instruction gives.  "Especially the light lad soprano Johann Georgs pleased and common much joy", also in all kinds of church occasions. 

So "discovered" the at that time castle gentleman Cadolzburgs, mark count Georg Friedrich d. J. of Brandenburg that stream (1694-1703) the large musical talent of the boys because he 1697 again once out of that stream to the visit of the waiter office into its Franconian Hohenzollernburg Cadolzburg and on Sunday early naturally also to the religious service into the old gothic St.-Cäcilien-Kirche came.  "Kantor Simon Pisendel played this Sunday lively on its organ an italiänisches Motett" set for soprano and organ - and be was 9-year-old son Johann Georg the Solo-Sopran..  The pretty lad voice and its Musikalität fell the art ingenious mark count up.  "The mark count found so much pleasure at the skill of the young singer that he included" it at once in his of that streams chapel. 

The 9-year-old Johann Georg Pisendel came 1697 after that stream.  It visited the secondary school where now also its special gift for languages was noticeable.  It recovered of the Kapellmeister Francesco Antonio Pistocchi song instruction, and it became of that for 6 years, to its voice breach when soprano ware of the that streams yard chapel looks after.  In addition Pisendel in that stream of Maistro Guiseppe Torelli violins instruction and composition instruction recovered.  Of 1704-1709, it was therefore a very active Violonist of the that streams yard chapel that stood under the direction of its masterly teacher.

When 1703 mark counts Georg Friedrich d. J died,., Pisendel was able to remain thanks to its large and manifold trained zeal and ability in that stream although the new mark count Wilhelm Friedrich (1703-1723) had to seize immediately entirely urgent savings measures.  First 1709, after 12 years in that stream (1697-1709), opened to can itself the Johann Georg Pisendel old now 21 year to further studies toward Leipzig, not without the markgräfliche assurance, always into the yard chapel rückkehren. 

In Cadolzburg, month died in April 1701 Johann Georg Pisendels mothers after 20 marriage years at the age of 38 years, just three after the birth of its 13th child, that became only a week old.  Into the dead index, the minister wrote at that time 300 years ago literally: "... blessed differently, so Christian, god-fearing, tugendsam, modest, quiet, taken in, listened meek, a very diligent Kirchgängerin so devotional.  With its man Simon Pisendel, Cantoris and organist, one quite peacefully marriage led".  Only 4 of its 13 children survived the mother.  Your single son Johann Georg was straight 13 years old when it died.  Father Simon Pisendel marries 1702 again, namely the minister daughter Johanna Elisabetha tavern out of Bürglein in Heilsbronn.  Yet 7 further Pisendel-children originate this 2nd marriage whereby however only 3 girls survived the infant age. 

The young musician interrupted the trip Johann Georg Pisendels of that stream to Leipzig in the year 1709 for short time in Weimar, for he sought and found there the acquaintance with Johann Sebastian stream that functioned at the Weimarer yard to this time as an organist. 

In Leipzig, Pisendel let matriculate itself to be sure immediately at the University of Leipzig, sought however obviously a yet more promising continued education, than a violinist in the "Collegio Musico" under the direction of Georg Philipp Telemann. 

Did as a Pisendel, shortly after its arrival in Leipzig, 1709, that "Collegio Musico" before game have, it became idol verspöttelt after contemporary reports first of all obviously only after its clothing of a member by the name of: "what the Pürschlein wants yet here?  Yes, yes, that becomes us what right before violins..  Pisendel put on indeß its Concert, which was of its that streams master TORELLI.  And hardly Pisendel had begun to play the first solo, saw it idol full admiration on.  The Adagio influenced but yet more idol: that tore itself its Perüque of the head, threw it on the ground, was able to await hardly the end of the Violinsolos in order to embrace then Pisendeln before charming and to assure it its respect."  Immediately Pisendel was engaged as violin masterly of the Collegio Musico. 

Leipzig was, at least to this time, the German high castle for music.  The names Corelli, Torelli, Vivaldi and Albinoni were there in all mouths.  "That previously sooner französiche music type changed itself with blinding effects, presentation manner and form peculiarity.  What the other German violinists marveled arrived, when the first of this Vivaldischen Violinkonzerte out of Leipzig". 

In Leipzig, Pisendel recovered two special invitations at the yards to Hesse-Darmstadt in order to direct a Graupner-opera einzustudiern and and after Eisenach where now its friend Georg Philipp Telemann yard-Kapellmeister was.  That for Pisendel however all decisive call to Dresden Hofkapellmeister Volumier, that 1711 in Leipzig Pisendels virtuosity perceived, came of that Dresden.  It made to change Pisendel immediately a good offer as a "Violiste and Cammer Musicus" at that Dresden yard chapel.  End 1711 supposed Pisendel this offer.  In that Dresden yard chapel he worked himself quickly to the "first Violisti" highly.  It became famous through the tact bandage Violinhaltung and the severe stroke leadership of the Violinbogens.  Quantz wrote "the renown of the Dresdener yard chapel established itself to a large degree on these upbringing working of Johann Georg Pisendel..." at that time as a contemporary, composer, author and pipe that Dresden yard chapel. 

Johann Georg Pisendel concert master of the yard chapel Dresden becomes 1728 and remains this for 27 years, to its death  1755.
Christopher Rouse
1949 -  
Rouse Violin Concerto
Rouse's Violin Concerto
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Did You Guess?
Lully died in Paris, March 22,1687.  3 months earlier he was conducting an orchestra, beating time with a six-foot long cane or walking stick. He accidentally stabbed his foot.  The wound got infected.  Gangrene set in., He died of the infection. 

Did you see the color clues?
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