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November 22
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1872 -  Premiere of Dvorák's Piano Quintet in A, Op. 5 (original version), at the Konvikt Hall in Prague; Dvorák revised the work in 1887.

1899 - Hoagy Carmichael, US pianist and songwriter, was born in Bloomington IN.

1900 - English composer Sir Arthur Sullivan, died in London

1928 - Premiere Ravel's Bolero. Ida Rubinstein dancing, composer conducting in Paris

1931 - Premiere of Ferde Grofé's "Grand Canyon" Suite, in Chicago, by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra;

- Death of Italian composer Pietro Alessandro Yon.

1952 Birth of American composer Frank Wallace.
Arthur's parents saw to it that his interest in music was encouraged.  He began his formal music education at the Royal Academy of Music which he attended until 1858.  The he attended Conservatory in Leipzig.  It was here that he produced his first well-respected work, The Light of the Harem. Over the next few years he expanded his classical pursuits and even earned money conducting; working for the Leeds Festival and the Royal Philharmonic until 1887

In 1871, Fred Clay (a singer who knew both of the musicians) introduced Sullivan to William S. Gilbert.  The result was a partnership that became one of the most respected and successful duos inthe history of musical theater.  In 1874 D'Oyly Carte commissioned one of their first true successes, Trial by Jury, and he would be the impressario behind many of the pair's successful works.  He remained a friend of Sullivan for the remainder of his days.

Throughout their partnership they produced a huge body of work including such hits as: HMS Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, Iolanthe, Princess Ida, The Mikado, Ruddigore, Yeomen of the Guard, and The Gondoliers. Though the team was popular, successful, and most importantly full of talent, social differences between the two musicians eventually got the best of their partnership..

After the two parted, Sullivan decided to concentrate on more formal music so that he would not simply be known for comedies.  He wrote numerous hymns (including Onward Christian Soldiers ) and instrumental pieces.  He also wrote one grand opera.

Sullivan was kinghted by Queen Victoria in 1883. 

Sir Arthur Sullivan died in London on November 22, 1900.  None of his formerly close friends or associates was at his bedside. Gilbert, who was on the Continent, read of Sullivan's death in the newspaper. D'Oyly Carte was sick in bed, too sick to be told of Sullivan's passing. Carte, from his bed, saw a funeral cortege pass his window.  It was Sullivan's funeral, but Carte had no way of knowing it. "After it had gone by, some one went to D'Oyly Carte's room and found him out of bed and prostrate by the window. Asked what he was doing there he replied, 'I have just seen the last of my old friend, Sullivan.'" Four and a half months later, D'Oyly Carte followed his friend to the grave. W.S.Gilbert died on May 29, 1911.

Sir Arthur Sullivan
Sir Arthur Sullivan was born May 13, 1842.  He was named Seymour Arthur Sullivan, but later in life chose to simply go by the name Arthur.

Sullivan's father, bandmaster of the Royal Military College, taught his son to play all of the wind instruments in the band by age 10.  At 14 Sullivan won the Mendelssohn competition.  He was offered scholarships to several  academies and conservatories.
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Can You Guess?
We read about Hoagy Carmichael in the What Else Happened Today section.  Hoagy is not a very common name.   Can You Guess what his real name was?  

Look at the bottom of the page for the answer.
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Did You Guess?
Hoagy was the shortened form Carmichael's actual first name, Hoagland. His full name was
Hoagland Howard Carmichael.
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