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November 13
Can You Guess?
In 1995 12 cellists from the Berlin Philharmonic got produced an album of Beatles songs. 
Can You Guess what they named their album?

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What Else
1868 - Giachino Antonio Rossini, opera composer, died in Paris.

1903 - National Music Sorority Mu Phi Epsilon was founded.

1922 - George Cohan's musical Little Nellie Kelly, premiered.

1953 - Premiere of Dimitri Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 5. Beethoven Quartet in Moscow.

1968 - Yellow Submarine, an animated film inspired by a Beatles' song,  premiered in the US

1976 - Scott Unrein,  American composer, was born.

1997 - Lion King opened at the New Amersterdam Theater, New York City.

1997 - Premiere of Poul Ruders's Symphony No. 2, Lincoln Center in New York City by the Riverside Symphony.
Bohuslav Martinu's Symphony No. 1 premiered on November 13, 1943.

Martinu was born December 8, 1890, to the ringing of joyous, festive church bells in the tower room of the church of St. James in the Bohemian town of Policka.  This was only natural because not only was it a public holiday, his father was the town's bell ringer and fire watchman.  In fact, the family lived in the bell tower.
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Bohuslav Martinu
Young Bohuslav, who was a sickly child, and often had to be carried up and down the 193 steps to his home.  His family lived in the tower until he was 12.  The view was one that he would never forget.  He said that it was "not the small interests of people, the cares, the hurts or the joys," that he saw, but "space, which I always have in front of me."

When Bohuslav was still quite young, his parents placed him into the care of the village music teacher.  Not only did he teach the young man violin, he so encouraged Bohuslav  in his quest to become a composer that he pointed back to this influence for the rest of his life.
Lion King
Cello Submarine
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  Did You Guess?
Taking their lead from the name of the animated film featuring the Beatles, the cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic named their album . . .

are you ready for this . . .

are you sure?

Cello Submarine!
The conservatory experience was not a good one for Bohuslav.  He did not do well in his classes, and was actually failing.  Bohuslav decided to leave conservatory and continue studies on his own.  This he did with great relish.  Every day he was engaged in studying scores, attending concerts and composing.  He firmly believed that with hard work, patience and perseverance he could achieve what he wanted.

After World War I, Bohuslav played second violin for the Czech Philharmonic.  It was also at this time that his work on composition began to see results. His Czech Rhapsody for solo, chorus, and orchestra was performed by the Philharmonic in 1919 and was well received by public and press.

Bohuslav traveled to travel to Paris to study with French composer Albert Roussel for a time. He composed several major works during this time period, especially in the field of opera.  He left Paris at the outbreak of World War II, and eventually came to the United States by way of Switzerland.

After arriving in America, in 1941, Bohuslav came into his own with respect to symphonic writing.  Conductor Ernest Ansermet called Bohuslav, "the great symphony writer."

During is time in the United States Bohuslav wrote many compositions, but died of cancer August 28, 1959.
At the age of 16 Bohuslav and his mother traveled to Prague.  Not only did Bohuslav audition, he presented the teachers there with a copy of his first string quartet.  The visit was very successful, and Bohuslav entered the conservatory there later that year.
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