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Franz von Suppé was born April 18, 1819.  His birth name was actually Francesco Ezechiele Ermenegildo, Cavaliere Suppé-Demelli.  He shortened it later in life.

Although his parents discouraged a musical career, he studied flute and harmony as a teenager. He composed his first Mass at age 13.  He studied law in Padua, but continued his musical interest in secret. 
1690 - Death of Italian composer, organist  Giovanni Legrenzi

1879 - Birth of Spanish violinist, composer, conductor Pablo Luna.

1892 -  First performance of Leoncavallo's opera Il Pagliacci.

1904 - Jazz pianist Thomas "Fats" Waller was born.

1948 - Pop singer Leo (real name Gerard)  Sayer was born.

1959 - Broadway musical Gypsy opened.

1983 - First performance of Dave Brubeck's Pange Lingua Variations for chorus, jazz quintet and orchestra
Franz von Suppé
After his father's death in 1835, von Suppé and his mother moved to Vienna, where he continued his music studies.  In 1840 he became third Kappellmeister of the Theater an der Josefstadt, at first without pay, but he was allowed to present his own operas there.  It was here that Franz  achieved his first major musical success in 1841.  ?

Von Suppé continued composing and conducting, and, in 1845, became Kappellmeister of the famous Theater an der Wien. He kept that position for 17 years. In all he wrote music for more than 100 productions. He conducted many landmark opera performances, such as the 1846 production of Meyerbeer's Les Huguenots with famous soprano Jenny Lind.
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The famous jazz composer Dave Brubeck wrote a jazz in 5/4 time.  That means that a quarter note gets one beat and there are five beats in every measure.  Can You Guess the name of this popular piece?

Look at the Bottom of the Page for the Answer.
The piece is called Take Five.  You can hear a midi version by going to
Just click the link and it will open up in a new window.

Did you see the color clues?
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Franz von Suppé was considered one of the most talented composers of operettas of his time, but sadly much of his music has been lost.  He is most remembered for a number of overtures.  One of his more famous is the Light Cavalry Overture.
When von Suppé retired from conducting, he turned his composition efforts to more sacred music.  Producing at least two more Masses and a Requiem for theatre director Franz Pokorny.

Franz von Suppé died May 21, 1895.
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