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Johann Wenzel Anton Stamitz was born June 19, 1717 in Nemecky Brod inGermany.  His father was an organist who later became a landowner and city council member.  Johann probably received his early musical training from him. He attended Jesuit Gymnasium in Jihlava in 1728, and studied Philosophy at the University of Prague during the 1734-35 academic year.  He probably left the University to establish a career as a violin virtuoso.
1725 - Premiere of J. S. Bach┤s St. John Passion S. 245

1815 - Founding in Boston of the Handel and Haydn Society.

1881 - Premiere of Richard Strauss┤s first major orchestral work, the Symphony in d.

1920 - The Juilliard Musical Foundation celebrated the opening of its home at 49 East 52nd Street NYC.

1945 - Eric Clapton, English guitarist/vocalist, was born.

1951 - Premiere of Walter Piston's Symphony No. 4, in Minneapolis.

1963 - Puff The Magic Dragon, by Peter, Paul & Mary was released.

1968 - CÚline Dion, Canadian singer, was born.

2000 - Premiere of John Corigliano┤s Phantasmagoria Suite from the opera The Ghosts of Versailles, by the Minnesota Orchestra, Giancarlo Guerrero conducting.
Johann Stamitz
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Stamitz was probably a violinist in the Mannheim Court in 1741 and 1742 due to contacts made during the coronation of Bavarian Elector Carl Albert as King of Bohemia.

The earliest known concert appearance by Stamitz was in Frankfurt am Main on June 29 1742 at which he performed on the violin, viola d'amore, cello and double bass.  The concert also featured a concerto he had written for two orchestras. Stamitz's professional career took off in Mannheim. In 1743 he was named "Erster Hoff Violinist" (First Court-Violinist); in 1745 or 1746. He was eventually named Concertmeister and in 1750, was named to the newly-created post of "Instrumental-Music Director".

Under the Elector Carl Theodor the court at Mannheim became one of the most glittering in Europe. Although a patron of art and literature, Carl Theodor's primary interest was music, and he built his court into a musical capital.  New operas, ballets and orchestral pieces were presented regularly.  Theodor also employed musicians such as flautist Franz Xavier Richter, Johann Baptist Wendling, Ignaz Holzbauer, Innocenz Danzi and Anton Fitz to play in Stamitz's orchestra.

The Mannheim orchestra presented weekly 'academies' in the "Knight's Hall" of the Electoral Palace. These were relatively informal social gatherings at which Stamitz's orchestra often played (often works composed by Stamitz himself).  Stamitz's desire to achieve an accurate, precise performance undoubtedly led to what would become known as the Mannheim school of musical performance.

C.F.D. Schubart stated, "No orchestra in the world ever equalled the Mannheimers' execution. Its forte is like thunder; its crescendo like a mighty waterfall; its diminuendo a gentle river disappearing into the distance; its piano is a breath of spring."

In the late summer of 1754, Stamitz undertook a year-long journey to Paris, probably returning to Mannheim in the Autumn of 1755.

Stamitz died in Mannheim March 30, 1757.  His death record includes the statement, "Jo'es Stainmiz, director of court music, so expert in his art that his equal will hardly be found."
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Johann Stamitz
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Violinist Szymon Goldberg plays Schubert
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