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March 12
604 - Birth of Pope Gregory, developed the Gregorian chant.

1628 - Death of English Elizabethian composer John Bull.  May have written the melody for God Save The King.

1857 - Premiere of Verdi's opera Simone Boccanegra in Venice.

1890 - Birth of Soviet ballet master Vaslav NIJINSKY in Kiev.

1898 - Premiere of V. Kalinnikov's Symphony No. 2, in Kiev.

1912 - Birth of American composer and conductor Paul WESTON.

1923 - Birth of Austrian-English violinist Norbert BRAININ. d-11 APR 2005.

1926 - Ten year old violinist Yehudi Menuhin made his debut. Playing Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

1943 - Premiere of Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man in Cincinnati.

1954 - Premiere of Arnold Schoeberg's opera Moses und Aron.

1955 - Jazz great Charles Christopher "Bird" Parker, Jr. died.  Bortn August 29, 1920.

1964 - Premiere of Britten's Symphony for Cello and Orchestra. Rostropovich, cellist; Britten, conducted.

1985 - Death of Hungarian-American conductor Eugene Ormandy. b- [JenŲ Ormandy Blau] 18 NOV 1899, Budapest, Hungary. He conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1936 until 1980.

1999 - Death of American violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin, in Berlin at age 82 of heart failure.
Can You Guess?
We read below about John Bull and God Save the King, the national anthem for Great Britain.  There is a patriotic song from the USA with the same melody.  Can You Guess, what song it is?

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What Else
Jeno Huber was born on September 15, 1858 in Pest (now Budapest).  His father, Karoly Huber, was professor of violin at the National Conservatory and conductor of the orchestra of the National Theater.  Jeno began his violin studies at home.
Jeno Hubay
At age 11 Jeno played a concerto written by Giovanni Battista Viotti in public, evidently with some success.

His father realized that his son needed further instruction, and that a different point of view would be helpful.  In the Autumn of 1873, Huber continued studies in Berlin under Joseph Joachim, who was considered by many the most outstanding violin instructor of the time. 

In the spring of 1876, he completed his studies and returned to Hungary. Here he became friendly with Franz Liszt.  They began to appear together professionally, giving numerous concerts which included Beethovenís Kreutzer Sonata.

When Jeno  was 21 years old he decided to change his name to Hubay from Huber..

In May 1878 Hubay travelled to Paris on Lisztís advice, and was soon to be a favourite guest in the musical salons of the city. In the next years he made successful concert tours in France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Hungary.

Soon after he arrived in Paris he got to know Henri Vieuxtemps, who was very impressed with his artistry.  The two became friends and musical associates.  Vieuxtemps suggested Hubay as Professor of Violin at the Brussels Conservatoire, a post which he himself and more recently Wieniawski had held.  After Vieuxtemps' death in 1881, Hubay edited and completed several of his unpublished works.  On February 8, 1882, Hubay was appointed him to the post Vieuxtemps had suggested, and Hubay remained in the position for four years and a half years.

During the Summer of 1886 Hubay received a request from the Minister of Education in Hungary.  He asked that Jeno return to Budapest and assume the post of Professor of Violin, the same post his father had held

So it was that Jeno Hubay returned permanently to Budapest.  There he developed one of the world's leading schools of violin.  Not only was he extremely influential in the musical culture of the city of Budapest, but the nation as a whole.

In 1919 Jeno was made Director of the entire Budapest Academy of Music

Among the artists to benefit from the work of Jeno Hubay were
Jozsef Szigeti and Jeno (Eugene) Ormandy.

Jeno Hubay died in Budapest March 12, 1937.  Besides his playing, he composed many works including 4 violin concertos, 4 symphonies and 8 operas.

Yehudi Menuhin mug
Did You Guess?
I learned this song in Kindergarten!  I learned its title as My Country, 'tis of Thee, but it is actually called AmericaClick here to listen to a midi version of America (or for you folks across the pond or up north, God Save the Queen)!
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