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June 29
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Below we read about Bernard Herrmann, who wrote scores for many of Alfred Hitchcock's films.  Hitchcock appeared in many of his own films, or put a reference to one of his films in another.  Click here for a list of cameo appearance Hitchcock made. George Lucas did something similar. In Raiders of the Lost Ark the registration number of Jock's plane at the beginning of the movie is OB-CPO. Can You Guess why he chose that number?

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Anne-Sophie Mutter was born June 29, 1963 in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  Although her parents were not musical, she started piano lessons when she was 5 years old, and shortly thereafter took up violin.  By age 7 she was already winning national music contests. 
1744 - Andre Campra, French music director at Notre Dame and opera composer died,

1824 - In London, Franz Liszt, age 13, demonstrated the new Piano Forte invented by Sebastian Erard.

1830 - First performance of complete Missa Solemnis by Beethoven.

1888 - Great Britain's first musical recording, using Thomas Edison's cylinder phonograph, was made at the Crystal Palace in London.

1908 - American composer Leroy Anderson was born.

1911 - Bernard Herrmann, American composer, was born. Did film scores for many Alfred Hitchcock films.

1941 - Jan Paderewski, Polish composer and pianist, died.

1984 - Bruce Springsteen began his "Born in the USA" tour
Since that time Ms. Mutter has performed with many of the world's major orchestras.  She has made many recordings. Recoginized as a true virtuoso, in 1983 she became the honorary president of the Mozart Society of Oxford University.

Ms. Mutter is interested in many charitable causes including AIDS research.  She established the Rudolf Eberle Endowment (part of the Circle of Friends Foundation) which supports talented young string players throughout Europe.
She says, "I didn't want to have any other choice then than to play the violin. I was very happy doing that. Actually, probably my childhood is more lucky than other common children because I wanted to play violin at the age of 6, and I actually got the possibility of doing it."

At age 13 Mutter appeared with the Berlin Philharmonic as soloist, and at 14 with the English Chamber Orchestra led by Daniel Barenboim.
Anne-Sophie Mutter
Interestingly, Anne-Sophie Mutter is the wife of the famous composer Andre Previn.  The two often perform together, and have made several recordings.

I do not often get the opportunity to feature a video clip of an artist.  In this case, however, I found a promotional clip of Ms. Mutter and her husband Andre Previn produced by Deutsche Grammophon for their recording of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.

It is interesting to listen to Ms. Mutter discuss her fascination with the virtuosity of the piece, then talk about the depth of the piece.  Then finally admit, "Up to this day I love to play very fast." And play fast she does!  Ms. Mutter's performance on this clip is wonderful, and I love it when I get to hear an artist speak. Click Here to Play the Clip From Deutsche Grammophon.
Violinist Ann-Sophie Mutter plays Tchaikovsky
And you can purchase the CD of the recording they are discussing by clicking on the album cover to the left.
Jock's airplane has the registration number
"OB-CPO", referring to
Obi-Wan and C-3PO in
Star Wars. (aka Star Wars IV: A New Hope)

Pictures of Star Wars characters appear in the Raiders of the Lost Ark.  If you find it, congratulations!  If you need some help, e-mail me and I'll send a hint!
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