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July 5
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Janet Jackson's 1970's TV show was called Good Times

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1878 - Lawrence Gilman, American writer and critic, was born.  Wrote for the New York Herald Tribune. and wrote program notes for the Philadelphia Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic.

1879 - Volkmar Andreae, Swiss conductor and composer was born.  He conducted the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra over 40 years.

1895 - Gordon Jacob, English composer was born in London

1918 - George Rochberg, American composer, was born in Paterson, NJ.

1924 - Janos Starker, Hungarian-American cellist born in Budapest.

1983 - Harry James, trumpeter and big band leader, died at 67.

1986 - Janet Jackson (age 20) became the youngest artist since Stevie Wonder to have a #1 album in the US with Control.
Jan Kubelik
Jan Kubelik, the Czech violinist and composer was born near Prague on July 5, 1880.

Early on Kubelik expressed an interest in playing the violin and began his studies.  By the time he was eight he was already giving public performances in Prague.  As a child, he used to practice 10 to 12 hours a day, or "until my fingers started to bleed."

Kubelik attended the Prague Conservatory where he studied under Otakar Šev?ik.

Kubelik made his debut in Vienna in 1898, to great acclaim, and thereafter began touring as a soloist.  He became known for his technical ability and his dead-on intonation.

He first appeared in the United States in 1901.  However, by the time he reached his 20's, with the advent of the young Jascha Heifetz, Kubelik's solo career dwindled.  He made a number of recordings, and also wrote music, including six violin concertos. However,

Jan Kubelik died in Prague December 5, 1940.

Kubelík was featured in a short poem by Carl Sandburg

Your bow swept over a string, and a long low note
     quivered to the air.
(A mother of Bohemia sobs over a new child perfect
     learning to suck milk.)

Your bow ran fast over all the high strings fluttering
     and wild.
(All the girls in Bohemia are laughing on a Sunday afternoon
     in the hills with their lovers.)

Jan Kubelik's son, Rafael Kubelík, 1914–96,  was the conductor of the Chicago Symphony (1950–53) and later director of the Covent Garden Opera in London; he also composed the opera Veronika (1947), as well as symphonic and instrumental works.
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Janet Jackson's having a number 1 album with Control is discussed below.  But she is also known from her television appearances in a 1970's show. Can You Guess the name of the show?  If you can, that's just

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Janet Jackson, Control
Janet Jackson, Control
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