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July 31
Did You Guess?
Baroque Music was written during the 17th and 18th Centuries.  That means that it was written in the 1600's and 1700's.  So, Baroque Music is about 300 to 400 years old!
Can You Guess?
My 9-year old daughter called me "old" when I turned 50.  And "Musica Antiqua" means "old music."  Musica Antiqua Köln plays Baroque music. 
Can You Guess just how old Baroque Music is?

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What Else
Reinhard Goebel
Reinhard Goebel was born July 31, 1952 in Germany.

Goebel did not receive his first violin lessons until he was twelve years old, but he realized very quickly that he was primarily interested in early music.  Germany's music education required that he go through a classical music program first, and so he did that.
1767 - Amelie Julie Candeille, French composer and singer, was born.

1845 - Adolph Sax inventor of the saxophone sold his instrument to French Army Bands.

1848 - J. Robert Planquette, French composer, was born.

1886 - Franz Liszt, Polish composier, died.

1953 - Composer Randall Davidson (opera, commercials, and The Young Lutheran's Guide to the Orchestra ) was born.

1964 - Country star Jim Reeves, piloting his own plane, died.

1971 - James Taylor's You've Got A Friend hit #1 on the pop music charts.

1995 - Jamaica issued a series of postage stamps honoring reggae superstar Bob Marley

2004 - Premiere of Jennifer Higdon's Loco by the Chicago Symphony, Christoph Eschenbach conducting at the Ravinia Festival.
Violinist Goebel Reinhard  Click picture to see his music.
He studied at Cologne Conservatory with Franzjosef Maier, with Saschko Gawriloff at Essen's Folkwangschule, an intensive course of study with Eduard Melkus and several years under Marie Leonhardt. Goebel also studied musicology at Cologne University.

Reinhard Goebel founded his ensemble, Musica Antiqua Köln (MAK), in 1973. MAK initially played Baroque chamber and sacred music. The group signed a contract to record exclusively with the Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft - Archiv Produktion in 1978. Their international breakthrough came in 1979, at the annual English Bach Festival and at five concerts at the Holland Festival. They are now recognized all over the world as leaders in the field of early music, and they have received many awards including several Grammophone Awards and, in 1997, the “Staatspreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen” from Germany's prime minister Johannes Rau.

Goebel has taken part in several projects with other period-instrument-ensembles like the New York Collegium.  He is also very interested in reviving interest among the "modern orchestras" in Baroque period composers.  He is not so interested in producing modern performances of baroque music, but rather in authentic performances of the pieces so that the modern audience can appreciate just what kind of music these composers actually produced.

in 1990, a freak paralysis of his left hand suddenly ended Goebel's career as Konzertmeister of MAK, a role that required him to play at the violin. Goebel decided that he had to re-learn his instrument.  So Goebel underwent a "second apprenticeship" where he learned to play with the violin in his right hand.  Since then, Goebel has recovered and once again began to play with the violin in his right hand.

The MAK disbanded in 2007 after more than 30 years.
Musika Antiqua Koeln
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