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February 4
Can You Guess? On this date in 1894  Antoine J "Adolphe" Sax died. 
Can You Guess what he will be remembered for in music history?  Extra Credit.  Can you tell me a famous cartoon character who uses it.

Look at the Bottom of the Page for the Answer.
What Else
1590 - Death of Italian composer Gioseffo Zarlino, at age 73.

1781 - Death of Bohemian composer Josef Myslivecek, at age 43, in Rome.

1808 - Birth of English conductor Michael Costa in Naples.

1932 - Birth of American pianist Ivan Davis in Electra, TX.

1949 - Metropolitan Opera debut of conductor Fritz Reiner.

1977 - American Bandstand celebrated its 25th anniversary with an TV special hosted by Dick Clark.

1997 - Death of American composer Ross Lee Finney.
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The Peabody Institute's Site

Peabody Institute
Johns Hopkins University
These were the words given by George Peabody when he decided to found a school of music
In 1857, philanthropist George Peabody founded the institute that bears his name - the first academy of music America.  It was located in Baltimore's Mount Vernon Square, and the idea behind it was to bring culture to the city's residents.
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"To furnish that sort of instruction, under able teachers, in the theory and higher branches of music, for which there has heretofore been no provision, and which students have been obliged to seek abroad."
The school was originally called the Academy of Music.  Its first director was composer Lucien Southard, who was born on this date in 1827.

Southard was an organist who had worked primarily in Boston and Baltimore.  He had published a set of Voluntaries in 1849.  He had also recently published Elements of Thorough Bass and Harmony in 1865.
Peabody Institute of Music    Great Violin Instruction
Violinist Mouse Pad
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Did You Guess?
Antoine Sax invented the Saxophone! And Lisa Simpson is grateful.
The Preparatory mission is twofold.  It outstanding training to gifted children and adolescents to assist them in becoming leaders in the next generatio of performing artists.  It also provides music education to all members of the community regardless of age or training "based upon the notion that every individual has the capacity for artistic expression at some appropriate level of understanding and skill."

The Conservatory is part of Johns Hopkins University.  It provides music eductation to more than 600 students from around the world, with graduate and undergraduate degrees in 26 fields.

The Peabody has become one of the major providers of professionally trained musicians in the nation.  Graduates of the Peabody serve worldwide as performing musicians and as teachers in some of the nations major institutions.
The Peabody Institute is located in the historic and cultural heart of Baltimore.  It consists of two main divisions.

The Peabody Preparatory School is a community school open to all ages (including adults) and levels of ability. Early childhood programs start at age 2 months. Students as young as 4 can receive instrumental and dance instruction.
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Extra Credit-What was the name of Peabody's boy? The Answer Appears Further Down the Page.
Mr Peabody
Mr. Peabody traveled through time using the Wayback Machine with his boy Sherman.