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December 19
1888 - Birth of Hungarian-born American conductor Fritz Reiner, in Budapest.

1894 - Birth of German conductor and composer Paul Dessau in Hamburg.

1930 - US premiere of Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms. Boston Symphony under Serge Koussevitzky, for Boston Symphony's 50th Anniversary.

1955 - Carl Perkins recorded the hit Blue Suede Shoes.

1957 - The Music Man opened on Broadway.

1958 - Birth of English cellist Steven Isserlis in London.

1960 - Chantal Juillet, Canadian violinist, was born.

1960 - Neil Sedaka’s Calendar Girl was released.

1991 - Premiere of John Corigliano's opera The Ghosts of Versailles at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.
Can You Guess?
In the play The Music Man, there are 76 trombones in the big parade and 110 cornets. Can You Guess, just what is a cornet?

Look at the Bottom of the Page for the Answer.
What Else
Bronislaw Huberman was born December 19, 1882 in Czestochowa, Poland.  He was the son of a law clerk.  Huberman’s father had been an amateur violinist, and although he had given up because of lack of progress, he hoped that one of his sons would become a musician. By the time he was 4 years old, Bronislaw sang melodies in tune and wanted to play a musical instrument . . . the accordion.  When he was 6, his father bought him a violin and Bronislaw began taking lessons.
Bronislaw Huberman
1882 - 1947
Within a year Bronislaw gave his first public appearance.  It was a benefit concert for the poor, and Bronislaw played Spohr’s Second Violin Concerto.For a while he had lessons from Michalowicz and Rosen in Warsaw, then studied for three months with the well known teacher Isidor Lotto at the Warsaw Conservatory. Huberman combined this study with frequent public appearances, and later said that these appearances had been an great education for him.

Unfortunately there were no great teachers in Warsaw at the time, so Bronislaw's parents saved for a year, sold household belongings, and moved to Berlin to engage Joseph Joachim as a teacher.  At the time Joachim had decided to take on no more young students.  Bronislaw's father was a lawyer, and made an appointment with Joachim in that capacity, secretly hoping for the chance for his son to audition.  When Joachim saw the boy he became enraged, but was convinced to listen for just a few moments.  By the end of the piece Joachim ran to the boy and hugged him.

Huberman played concerts and continued his studies under Joachim, but earned little money due to the large number of excellent violinists in Berlin at the time.  By January 29, 1896, though, Huberman had earned quite a reputation, and was to play for the composer Johannes Brahms.  Brahms did not like child prodigies, and this concert did not promise to be any different from others he'd attended.  Huberman chose to play Brahms's Violin Concerto. After the first movement the audience burst into loud applause while Brahms wiped tears from his eyes. At the end of the performance Brahms embraced the young Huberman saying, "Good gracious!  How you have played my concerto!"  When Huberman complained that the public applauded after the cadenza, breaking into the lovely Cantilena, Brahms replied, ‘You should not have played the cadenza so beautifully.’ ”
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Did You Guess?
Most folks know what a trumpet is, and they've heard about a cornet, but they can't tell you just what it is.  Cornets are brass instruments similar to a trumpet, but the bore (the inner shaping of the hole) of the cornet is more conical, giving it a mellower tone than the trumpet.
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