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August 8
Can You Guess?
Mel Tillis, the singer and songwriter mentioned below, has an unusual disability for an entertainer, that he often uses in jokes. C-c-can You Guess what that disability is?

Look at the Bottom of the Page for the Answer.
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1808 - First work by Rossini, age 16, was performed at the Licceo in Bologna. It was a cantata.

1891 - Adolf Busch,  German violinist and founder of the Busch Quartet and Busch Trio, was born in Westphalia.

1900 - Victor YOUNG, Polish-American composer, was born in Chicago.

1923 - Benny Goodman, at the age of 14, took a job as a clarinet player on a Chicago-based excursion boat on Lake Michigan.

1932 - Mel Tillis, singer / songwriter (600 songs recorded by various artists), was born.

1939 - William Hibbard, US violist, composer and educator, was born in  Newton, MA.

1943 - Premiere of Walter Piston's Prelude and Allegro for organ and strings, on CBS radio network by organist E. Power Biggs, Arthur Fiedler conducting.

1976 - Premiere of David Del Tredici's An Alice Symphony based on Lewis Carroll's work, in San Francisco, CA.
Czech violinist Josef Suk was born in Prague on August 8, 1929.

Suk was named after his grandfather, who was also a famous violinist.  His grandfather married the daughter of composer Antonin Dvorak, so he is the great-grandson of Dvorak.
Josef Suk
Suk's extraordinary talent was spotted early by his teacher Jaroslav Kocian.  The student-teacher relationship between the two remained intact until Kocian died  in 1950. Suk first appeared on the concert stage when he was just eleven years old.

After his Prague debut in 1954 was so well received that he was very soon performing internationally.  In 1959 Suk toured internationally with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.  They performed on three continents, and it was said that the performances were one of the "greatest expressions of Czech music the world had, until then, ever heard."

Suk is especially recognized for his deep, refined tone.  Not only has he continued on his solo career, he is also strongly identified with chamber music.  For several years Suk played first violin with the Prague Quartet.  He was also the founder of the Suk Trio.  He has also performed with pianist Jan Panenka and harpsichordist Zuzana Ruzickova.  Suk has also appeared frequently with the Smetana Quartet, with whom he played second viola.

Suk was granted the title of National Artist.

Suk played on rare instruments built by Antonio Stradivari (1729), Giuseppe Guarneri "del Gesu" (1744) and Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (1758).

Joseph Suk died July 6, 2011.
Violinist Josef Suk, Benda Violin Concertos
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Did You Guess?
Mel sings beautifully, but
he stutters when he talks. Read what Tillis has to say about his stuttering here.
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