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August 4
1571 - Michael Praetorius, composer / musicologist / theologian was born.

1812 - First performance of Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto

1847 -Robert Fuchs, Austrian composer, was born.

1867 - First performance of Johann Strauss's An der Schönen Donau (Blue Danube Waltz.)

1940 - Founding of the American Music Center in New York City.

1956 - Elvis Presley's Hound Dog was released.

1974 -Paul Simon's Love Me Like A Rock (There Goes Rhymin' Simon album) was released
Can You Guess?
Louis Armstrong's nickname was "Satchmo."  Can You Guess why Louis Armstrong was called Satchmo? 
What Else
Jazz trumpeter and singer Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong was supposedly born July 4, 1900 in New Orleans. But in 1988, a music historian found baptismal records saying he was born August 4, 1899. It's believed that Armstrong never knew his real birth date, simply borrowing America's birthday as his own.
One of the first musicians to popularize New Orleans jazz, Armstrong learned to play cornet in the band of an orphanage where he grew up. He played with such pioneer musicians as Kid Ory and King Oliver before forming his own group in the late 1920's.

Armstrong is credited with making the soloist an important force in jazz. Some say he was the inventor of scat singing--singing without lyrics--developed when he forgot the words to one of his songs in 1927, others say this is just a music myth.  Regardless of whether or not the story is true, Armstrong was a master scat singer..

Armstrong's great musical accomplishments came early in his career, when he focused on playing trumpet. His real fame did not come until 1964, when his version of the title song from Hello Dolly became a million-seller. He also appeared in the movie.  By this time, Armstrong was almost exclusively a singer.

Louis Armstrong died July 6, 1971.
Louis Armstrong


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Did You Guess?
Two stories exist, both say that "Satchmo" is a shortened form of "
Satchel Mouth." (a satchel is a bag used for carrying books or clothing)
1. His friends said Satchmo had a mouth as large as a satchel.
2. When Satchmo played the trumpet his cheeks puffed out like the sides of a satchel.
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