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August 10
Clarence Leo Fender was born August 10, 1909.  His parents ran an orange grove. As a teen, Leo began dismantling and repairing radios himself as a hobby. In the early 1930's he was approached by a bandleader to construct a PA system for use at dances.
1778 - Mozart finished Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Serenade.

1806 - Michael Haydn, Austrian composer and younger brother of Franz Joseph Haydn, died in Salzburg at age 68.

1825 - Mendelssohn, at age 16, finishes opera Camacho's Wedding.

1865 - Alexander Glazunov, Russian composer and professor was born in St. Petersburg.

1876 - Death of German cellist Carl Bergmann in NYC. Philharmonic conductor 1855 - 1876.

1949 - Premiere of Darius Milhaud's Octet for Strings. Budapest and Paganini Quartets at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

1965 - Premiere of William Schuman's Philharmonic Fanfare. New York Philharmonic conducted by William Steinberg, at the orchestra's first outdoor concert in Central Park, New York City.

1985 - Madonna's Like A Virgin became the first album by a female to be certified for 5 millions sales.

2001 - Premiere of Per Norgard's String Quartet No. 9 Into the Source. Orion String Quartet at the Sante Fe Chamber Music Festival in NM.
What Else
Clarence Leo Fender

In 1938, he opened Fender Radio Service. Musicians began asking him for better guitars and amplifiers. Fender began K & F Mfg. with fellow inventor Doc Kauffman (who designed guitars for Rickenbacker) in a shed behind the radio shop. In 1945, he built his first electric guitar.
In 1946 Fender Electric Instrument Co., opened.  Here, they created the legendary Telecaster and Stratocaster - maybe the most popular and successful guitar designs in history. In 1965, the company was sold to CBS Musical Instruments.

Although he "could not play a note," Fender was inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Country Music halls of fame.

In the 1980s, Leo opened a guitar business on Fender Avenue (named for him) in Fullerton. He continued to work there every day until he died March 21, 1991.
Fender Stratocaster
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Well, we've talked about electric guitars.  Are there electric violins?  Yes there are! 
While it's possible to combine a violin and a pickup and "electrify" a traditional violin . . . there are also electric violins.  And they can look as different from a traditional violin as the stratocaster does from an accoustic guitar.
Wood Violins - Viper Violin
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Yamaha SV 120 K Violin
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Bellafina SSE Violin
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NS Design Violin
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Electric violin, viola, cello Bond Quartet
Bond is an all-woman string quartet who play electric violins, viola and cello!

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Violin Bag    Brotherhood of the Bow Messenger Bag
Can You Guess?
In 1895 Sir Henry Wood conducted the first "Proms Concert" in London.  They have become a great tradition there for 8 weeks each year. 
Can You Guess why they are called "Proms" Concerts?

Look at the Bottom of the Page for the Answer.
Did You Guess?
Conceived to bring the average person back to good music, tickets are sold at a reduced price to people who do not have assigned seats and may walk around or "
promenade" during the concert.  Becoming known as the "Promenades Concerts," the name was shortened to the "Proms" Concerts.
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Mark Wood has played his innovative Viper violin in on tour with Celine Deion, at fiddle camps (click for an great video feature from CBS Sunday Morning) and on several albums of his own.  Want to see (and hear) what  Wood's violins can do? Click here and watch this!
      7 Strings??????
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NS Design CR4 4-String Electric Violin Amber Stain

NS Design CR4 4-String Electric Violin Amber Stain

Capable of producing everything from traditional acoustic tone to full-tilt electric
sound, this radically innovative instrument works in virtually any musical context.
The body is solid maple with a flamed face. It has an ebony fingerboard and
precision 40:1 fine tuners with automatic string clamping mounted on the body
behind the bridge, and a fully adjustable shoulder rest. The 3-setting piezo
pickup responds selectively to either lateral or vertical string vibration.

The Bon Musica Shoulder Rest is completely adjustable to give the player a precise fit. The curve of the shoulder rest helps the violinist or violist hold the instrument in place and can be adjusted to 3 different settings according to the player's taste. I LOVE mine.
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