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April 29
Did You Guess? The Marseillaise has SEVEN verses.  A STUNNING version of the anthem can be heard by clicking HERE to a YouTube performance.  She doesn't sing all seven verses, but even if she did I'd still recommend it.  Listen to the emotion!
Can You Guess?
1636 - Birth of  German composer Esaias Reusner.

1784 - First Performance of Mozart's Violin Sonata in Bb K454.  (Buy Sheet Music HereDownload Sheet Music Here.)

1792 - First Performance of The Marseillaise.

1798 - First Performance of Haydn's oratorio The Creation.

1899 - Birth of composer and bandleader Edward "Duke" Ellington.

1967 - Aretha Franklin's Respect is released.

1993 - First Performance of Michael Torke's Run by the New York Philharmonic with Leonard Slatkin conducting
Henry Schradieck was born in Hamburg, Germany  April 29, 1846.  Henry's first violin teacher was his father.  Henry's public debut came after less than two years of study.   In 1854 he entered Brussels Conservatory, where he earned a premier prix in 1858.  By 1863 he was a soloist at the Reinthaler concerts in Bremen.  In 1864 he traveled to Moscow to accept a position as Professor of Violin. 
Henry Schradieck
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What Else
In 1868 he became concertmaster of the Hamburg Philharmonic Society Orchestra, a post which had been held by Auer.  In 1874 Shcradieck returned to Leipzig to become concertmaster of the Gewandhaus Orchestra and to teach in the Conservatory.  He remained there until, feeling the need for a complete change, he moved to Cincinnatti, Ohio, in the United States in 1883.  There he taught at the College of Music and organized an excellent symphony orchestra. 

In 1889 Schradieck returned to his former position in Hamburg.  There he took on the added responsibility of teaching at the Hamburg Conservatory.  Returning again to the U.S. in 1898, he taught violin in New York and Philadelphia until his death in 1918.

Although there is evidence that Schradieck worked at composing (as evidenced by the Romance for violin and piano in the collection of the Gorno Memorial Music Library), he is primarily remembered for his teaching techniques, putting great emphasis on
fingering and finger exercises.  This actually places Schradieck at the forefront of the development of modern violin teaching methods.
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The Star Spangled Banner is the US national anthem.  It has 4 verses.  The Marseillaise is the French national anthem. Can You Guess how many verses it has?

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