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April 27
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The middle part of a Russian name is called the patronymic.  It is taken from the name of the person's father.  Boys add "ovich" (which signifies "son of") to their father's name.  Girls add "evna" or "ovna" (which signifies "daughter of") to their father's name.  So Valery (son of Igor) Oistrakh would be Valery Igorovich Oistrakh.
Can You Guess?
David Oistrakh had a son named Igor Davidovich Oistrakh.  Igor Oistrakh had a son named Valery Oistrakh.
Can You Guess what the middle portion of Valery's name would be?

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1749 - First performance of Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks.

1767 - Birth of German composer/violinist Andreas Jakob Romberg.

1867 - First performance of Gounod's opera Romeo and Juliet at the Théatre-Lyrique in Paris..

1901 - Premiere of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Emerald Isle (score completed by E. German after Sullivan's death).

1932 - Americas's Top Forty host Casey Kasem was born.

1968 - Simon and Garfunkle released the song Mrs. Robinson.

1985 - USA for Africa, a collaboration of many artists, starts a 3-week run at the top of US charts with We Are The World.

1987 - Premiere of Daniel Pinkham's Sonata No. 3 for Organ and Strings, by organist Richard Benefield, with a string quartet conducted by the composer at St. Peter's Church in Osterville, MA

1999 - Trumpeter Al Hirt died.
Igor Oistrakh was born on April 27, 1931 in Odessa, Russia.  He is the son and student of internationally famous violinist David Oistrakh.

He won first prize in the Budapest International Competition in 1949.  He also took first prize in the Wieniawski International Competition, in Poznan, in 1952.
With his father, David Oistrakh, being an internationally known violinist, Igor did not have to look far for an excellent teacher.  It was, in fact, his father who introduced him to the instrument.

Igor's western debut was arranged by Victor Hochhauser at the Royal Albert Hall, a concert which was warmly received. He followed his debut performance up with concert tours throughout the USA, Europe, USSR, Canada, South America, Japan and Australia.  He has performed with many of the world's performed with the world’s greatest orchestras under the batons of such conductors as Klemperer, Reiner, von Karajan, Normandy, Glulini, Solti, Maazel, Ozawa, Rozhdestvensky and David Oistrakh. He has also performed together with Pablo Casals and Yehudi Menuhin.
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Even though Igor Oistrakh travelled the world playing has made music a family affair.  He performed in a unique duo with his father for 27 years, and they made several recordings together.  David Oistrakh died in 1976.  Since his father's death Igor has performed with his wife, pianist Natalia Zertsalova.  Together they were awarded honorary membership in the Beethoven Society in Bonn for their recording of the complete Beethoven sonatas.  The duo was also awarded the Wiener Flotenuhr for their recording of the complete Mozart sonatas.  He also performed with his son, Valery Oistrakh, who is himself a prize-winning concert violinist.

In 1996 Igor Oistrakh became a professor at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, a post he has held ever since.

Among the honors he has received is being named a  Fellow of the Royal College of Music, the title “People’s Artist of the USSR”, Presidency of the Russian section of the European String Teachers Association, Honorary Member of the Ysaye Foundation, President of the Cesar Franck Foundation in Belgium and  serving on the juries many of the most prestigious violin competitions such as the Tchaikovsky, Queen Elisabeth, Wieniawski and Carl Flesch Competitions.