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Boxcar Willie also owned a hotel.  (Did you see the color clues?)The property is now owned by a musical family called The Duttons, with an interesting way of getting together to play their violins.  Click Here, then tell me who is playing whose violin.  It's a great show if you get to Branson.  No affiliation between us . . . just a personal recommendation!
Can You Guess?
We read about Boxcar Willie below.  Besides his show, he owned another business in the tourist town of Branson, MO.  Can You Guess what other business Boxcar Willie owned.

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1684 - Violinmaker Nicola Amati died at the age of 87.

1801 - Joseph Lanner, Austrian composer, was born.

1826 - Premiere of Weber's opera Oberon.

1913 - Jazz vibraharp player and bandleader Lionel Hampton was born.

1954 - Bill Haley and the Comets recorded Rock Around the Clock.

1954 - Joe Turner's Shake, Rattle and Roll was released.

1957 - Country singer Vince Gill was born.

1990 - Herbert Mills of The Mills Brothers died.

1995 - Premiere of John Williams's Bassoon Concerto (The Five Sacred Trees), by Judith LeClair and the New York Philharmonic conducted by Kurt Masur

1999 - Country singer Lecil Travis Martin, better known as Boxcar Willie, died.
Pietro Nardini was born April 12, 1722 in Fibiana, Italy.

Nardini began studying music as a child.  In 1728, the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini founded a school of violin and composition in Padua which he called  Scuolla delle Nazioni (School of the Nations).  By the time Nardini was 24 he was a student here.  Nardini became the most prominent student of the school, and the two became lifelong friends.
Pietro Nardini
Tartini was extremely interested in the beauty of the sound he produced.  He completely rethought violin bows and bowing technique, and established a method which would become the basis of bowing technique.  His playing was notable for its poetic and technical perfection.

Nardini became a disciple of Tartini, and implemented his techniques.
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Like his teacher, he attached special significance to the beauty of sound and the suitability for singing. Leopold Mozart (a master violinist and father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), for example, wrote in one of his letters that he "had heard a certain Nardini and that there could not be heard anything more beautiful in the tonal beauty, purity, harmony and in the singable taste."
Nardini formed the first known string quartet in 1765 with Filippo Manfredi, violist Giovanni Maria Cambini and cellist Luigi Boccherni.  They went to Paris where they played at the famous "Concert Spirituel." Reports said that "the public was conquered." From there they went to Madrid.

In 1767 Nardini moved to Leghorn, where he composed most of his music.  His compositions included 16 violin concertos.

It was Nardini who nursed Tartini during the old master's final days.

Nardini  became Kappellmeister in Florence in 1770. 

He died in Florence in 1793.
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