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It's Time For Some Fun Stuff!
Violin and Music Games and Puzzles
Choose a game!  Some of them you will play right on the computer, some you can print out and play right at home.  Check back often, there are more games on the way!  By the way, did you see this month's HARMONICS game?  If not, Click Here.
Music Match
Test your skills of concentration!  How fast can you match all of the music pictures?  The game starts as soon as you open the page.
Word Puzzles
Puzzles for you to print out involving composers, violinists, violin parts, and music terms!
Play Tic-Tac-Toe, I mean Tic-Tac-BOW against the computer!  Do you think you can win?  It may be harder than it looks!
Online Word Puzzles
Choose a puzzle to rearrange the letters.  Be careful!  The higher the number, the harder the puzzle!

I Choose Puzzle

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Fun Violin Sheet Music
It's not games--it's sheet music to play -- but playing music can be a lot of fun.  Take a look at some of these tunes and see if you don't agree!
Viola Jokes
Or is it Viola History?  I'm not sure.  But either way, this page is fun.
Music Games: The Most Fun Way to Learn Music Theory
Alfred Music Games will deliver important lessons on the basics of music -- disguised as a set of easy-to-learn games. If you're a beginner with no prior training, this makes learning the essentials of music theory easier than you ever dreamed. It employs the Alfred method that's been used successfully by students since 1922.
Hearing Music-The Game that Teaches You how to Listen!
Morton Subotnick's Hearing Music -- Prepare your child in advance for formal music education, by giving them this set of learning games! Train your little one's ear to hear the differences in melody & rhythm, understand the difference between major & minor chords, and much more.
Making Music: Create! Play! Experience! Win/Mac
Morton Subotnick's Making Music - this is a colorful and amusing way to teach kids the basics of music composition. Children of all ages will enjoy learning how to compose music -- even if they've never had any training! Go from novice to maestro in a series of great musical games
Brimming with active learning games and reproducible board games, this resource offers a wealth of materials that strengthen basic music concepts and reading skills.
Music Games Book for Violin Students
Music is fun for play and doesn't always have to be taken so seriously. These well thought-out games are adaptible for so many different moods integrating the rhythum and beauty of auditory art into activity for kids.
Puzzles Featured on Twitter
Violin Soloist Word Find