Irish Fiddle Title
There are no snakes in Ireland,
And if you ask me why,
I'll tell you true, I'll not tell you
That old St. Paddy lie.

They fled from fear, my darlin' son
For all those snakes did know
An Irish fiddler'd snatch him up
If he should break his bow.

And to hear an Irish fiddle play
And never have the chance,
To hear a jig played on four strings
And not be free to dance --

That fate, you see, was horrid
'Twas more than snakes could stand
They left and swam across the sea
And fled fair Ireland.

Art Haule
In Play with Irish Fiddler Liz Carroll
In Play
This collection of tunes, featuring extraordianry work on fiddle and guitar, is truly wonderful.  Liz Carroll's tunes are very innovative while at the same time faithful to the Irish tradition. 
Irish Jigs and Reels
Irish Jigs and Reels
Irish jigs and reels, plus a mazurka that doubles as a Tamburitza number in a pinch; and maybe one hornpipe. This CD is among the best for dancing.
Traditional Irish Music
Traditional Music of Ireland
Excellent example of the traditional relaxed style that MUST be represented in your collection. James is legendary on the fiddle, Paddy for fast-paced reels on button accordian and Daithi on back up guitar and vocals.
Liz Knowles Plays Irish Fiddle
The Celtic Fiddle of Liz Knowles
On her solo debut, Liz Knowles mixes elements of classical and world music into a repertoir of Celtic traditional and original tunes, showcasing her complete mastery of the fiddle
Irish Fiddle Links
Liz Carroll -- Irish Fiddler Extraordinaire -- Home to Celtic Music on the Internet
I'm just becoming acquainted with Irish and Celtic Fiddle.  What a WONDERFUL galaxy in the fiddling universe!

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Art Haule