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Welcome to March!

I heard a talk one time about how to be successful at a task.  The analogy was made to a boxing match, and the keys were enumerated.  To win I must:

1.  Fight now.  I need to get to work right away.  It doesn't matter where in the match I am.  It is obviously best if I start fighting at the beginning, but no matter where I am starting to fight now is essential.

2.  Fight to win.  I need to start fighting with the end goal in mind.  I need to do the things that are necessary to win the match.  I don't need to concentrate on the frivolous.  I need to do the things that matter.

3.  Fight furiously.  I need to put all of my strength into the fight.  I need to have the right attitude when I fight.  I need to be effective in my fight.  I organized myself in the previous step. This is putting the previous step into action.

4.  Fight continuously.  I need to be consistent in my battle.  I need to put my plan into effect now, and maintain the activity level necessary until the end of the fight.

I began to think how the same talk could be given about practicing the violin.  If I put those four principles into action in my practice, I would be a much better violinist.  So this month I am going to be dwelling on these four principles in our tips section.

I hope you are getting ready for Spring.  Spring concerts are coming up.  Easter is coming.  Mother's Day is coming.  (One of the best gifts I ever gave my mother was learning to play her favorite song.)  There are lots of ways to put your practice to use right around the corner.

Don't forget.  Do your best!  Have fun!