Building a Violin
Hans Nikolaos Pluhar

Violin Maker
Hans Pluhar's Hogan Violin--click the picture to go to his Instruments Page
Hans Pluhar cutting the f-holes for a violin.
Hans Pluhar Cutting the f-holes for a Violin
Place Your Cursor over Hans Pluhar's Hogan Violin (Above) to see the Violin's Back! Click it to See his Instruments Page Where You Can See High Definition Images.
Are his instruments good?  Numerous well-respected professionals play Pluhar's instruments including Hans's wife, Gül, a violist who plays an instrument he made.
Pluhar took on a project in which he made a copy of a violin by the 18th Century Cremonese violin maker Nicolo Bergonzi.  He documented the process with a series of photographs including everything from tracing the violin, to making templates, to cutting, gluing, and varnishing.  At the left you can see 100 photographs that Pluhar has graciously permitted me to use to show how he goes about building a fine violin.  Higher definitions photos can be seen on his website, and I would encourage you to take a look at some of the information he has there.

Place Your Cursor Over the Picture at the Left (No Need To Click) and You Can Watch Hans Pluhar Build a Violin.
Have You Ever Watched a Violin Being Built?
It's a FASCINATING process.

Hans Nikolaos Pluhar is a Violin Maker who lives and works in London, England.

Pluhar was born in the United States, in Boston, MA, on November 4, 1972.  While still very young he moved to Austria.  His mother is American, so Pluhar grew up with a firm grasp of both English and German.

Pluhar began taking violin lessons when he was 8 years old.   While he was certainly interested in older instruments, Pluhar loved the tone of his first two violin teachers' instruments.  They were both modern instruments, and curiosity about the instruments turned to interest in how they were made.  By the time he was 15 Han Pluhar had decided that he would become a violin maker.
Pluhar attended the Violin Making School of America in Utah.  Upon leaving the school he entered into an apprentice program, and eventually opened a shop of his own.  Although still quite young, Mr. Pluhar has developed quite a reputation, and even writes articles for The Strad magazine.
Hans Nikolaos Pluhar
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