V i o l i n s
How They're Built, How They Work, How To Play Them
And Other Cool Information for Violin Students
Violin Care
How to care for a violin.  Do's and Don'ts to keep your
     instrument sounding and looking GREAT!
The Parts of a Violin
What are the Parts of a Violin Called?
     What are they made of? 
     Click the the picture and learn some interesting
     things about violins.
Early Cousins of the Violin
Violins have not always been as we see them now.
    Here's a page about some cousins of the violin and
    a man who's keeping their sound alive.
What is Rosin and How Does It Work?
    It's sticky and I put it on my bow, but why?
How to Tune a Violin
    Step by Step Instructions and Tuning Tones
Building a Violin
    Watch Violin Maker Hans Pluhar Build a Copy of a
     fine .18th century Cremonese violin maker
     Nicolo Bergonzi.