Violinists on Video
Rachel Barton-Pine plays Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)
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Technology can be a wonderful thing! Until recently the only contact many violin students had with the great violinists was to buy their recordings, which provided inspiration for students in that they could hear what was being played and aspire to that. Violinists could listen and infer technique. My teacher would tell me,"Listen, he shifted there!" That was helpful. But I only attended one concert by a virtuoso violinist until I was an adult. I could hear the result of a violinist's efforts, but I never saw how the music was produced.

Video tapes of violinists had the potential of being a revolution in instrumental instruction. Now you could see and hear a performance any time you wanted. This was a great leap forward. But it was expensive. If you had limited funds you could only purchase two or three video tapes.

Now we have videos of great violinists posted on the Internet. We can listen to and watch great violinists any time we want. The purpose of this page is to direct you to videos on the Internet, and link you to some of the violinists' other resources. I'll be trying to add an artist each day to this index over the next several weeks, so check back often!
Rachel Barton-Pine is a wonderful violinist with marvelous technique who has overcome many difficulties in her quest to become a virtuosa. Definitely not one dimensional in her musical focus, she is working to cause young students to see the violin as a vibrant, wonderful instrument through her work in schools and by the work done by her foundation. CLICK HERE to see MORE RACHEL BARTON-PINE RESOURCES and a video that makes me smile!
Joshua Bell plays The Girl with the Flaxen Hair by Debussy.
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Once seen as the handsome young violinist who, although he was very, very good, certainly played an interesting instrument, Joshua Bell has matured into one of the premiere violinists in the world today.  With a repertoire that is second to none in the Classical world, Bell has made his mark in more mainstream music as well.  He's been involved in everything from Sesame Street to the development of Hyperinstruments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Click Here to See More JOSHUA BELL RESOURCES.
Maxim Vengerov plays Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Johannes Brahms
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Considered by many the most exciting violinist in the world, my daughter used to refer to Maxim Vengerov as, "The man with the eyebrows."  It's no wonder she noticed that. Every molecule of Maxim Vengerov's being is involved in the performance at one of his concerts. He has been featured playing electric and accoustic violin within the same piece, playing viola, paired with a trio of double basses, and even dancing the tango mid-concert, Maxim Vengerov is a wonder to behold . . . and to listen to!  Click Here to See More MAXIM VENGEROV RESOURCES.
David Oistrakh plays the first movement of the Sibelius Violin Concerto
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Acclaimed for his incredible tone, David Oistrakh toured the world at a time when his native Russia / Soviet Union, was at enmity with the West.  Proclaimed a master violinist, he recorded extensively, conducted, and became a close friend of violinist Yehudi Menuhin.  Is violin virtuosity hereditary?  His son, Igor, is fabulous as well.
Hillary Hahn plays Paganini's Caprice #24
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Hilary Hahn is my favorite contemporary violinist.  In a recent conversation with another virtuosa violinist I was asking for one sentence characterizations of her peers.  I said, "Hahn."  She responded, "Perfection."  A graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music, the technical expertise Hilary Hahn exhibited early has been augmented by a depth of understanding and emotion that makes listening to her a delight!
Midori Goto Plays the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Mvt 1  (excerpt)
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Born in Osaka, Japan and educated at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City, Midori is a strong-willed woman with enormous talent and a dedication to great music ... producing it and making sure it is available to others.