Maxim Vengerov
This Vidoe is Part 1 of a Series of Maxim Vengerov teaching Masterclass. What do You Think a Violin Playing With 3 Bassists would sound like?  Look at the bottom of the page for an amazing quartet!
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Maxim Vengerov plays a portion of the Czardas by Monti with a Bass Trio.  Can a single violin hold its own against three wooden behemoths? Click the picture, watch the video andlisten to the excerpt, and you be the judge! By the way, the featured bassist is INCREDIBLE!
Many people consider Maxim Vengerov the most exciting violinist in the world today. It's an argument that is easy to make.

Vengerov started playing the violin when he was very young, and he was devoted to the instrument from the start. He tells of his practice sessions when he was only 4 years old. He would play until he got tired, then he would go outside and ride his tricycle. Not uncommon you say? He finished his practice sessions at 3 o'clock in the morning! (And he says that his tricycle wheels were squeaky, which didn't endear him to the neighbors. 
Many times child prodigies burn out. They experience a fiery passion for their instrument and their music which not so mysteriously disappears once they have left their parents. Vengerov has remained excited about the music. Reviews use words like spirited, exciting, frenzied, spectacular, and playful. And he is not only willing, but excited, to share his craft with young people. Not only does he share his music with them through concerts, but his master classes are legendary!
So we have a young, attractive, exciting violinist who is a master of his instrument . . .whose fans are wildly enthusiastic about his concerts . . . whose master classes are so famous and enjoyable that they are taped and even played on television in many countries. Wouldn't that be enough? Not for Vengerov. Not only is he a master of the violin, at the right you can see an excerpt of him playing the Walton Viola Concerto.

Recently Vengerov has set the violin aside due to a shoulder malady, but that has not caused him to leave music.  Now, he conducts, but he vows to return to the King of Strings...calling it his "mother tongue."
Will this shoulder irritation prove to be career ending? I would guess not. But even if it does, and Vengerov sets aside the viola and his beloved violin, maybe he'll take up a new musical instrument that's not so hard on the shoulders. After all, he's been romantically paired with virtuosa trumpeter Alison Balsom.