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Hilary Hahn plays Ysaye's Ballade (Violin Sonata No. 3)
at the Verbier Festival, 2007.
Hilary Hahn plays Ernst's
Last Rose of Summer
at the Verbier Festival, 2007.
Hilary Hahn and Josh Ritter Play
Girl in the War
Hilary Hahn and Josh Ritter Play
Paganini's Cantabile
In the opinions of many devotees of the violin, Hilary Hahn may be the most gifted, most technically proficient young violinist in the world. This does not do her justice. Not only are her performances technically incredible, her interpretations are always interesting and beautiful, often show great creativity, and would frequently qualify as absolutely spell-binding.
MP3's are wonderful things. The players are so light, and you can take them with you everywhere. That means that you can take many of Hilary's performances as well.

Whether you are simply enjoying her performance, or whether you are using her playing to gain insight on an interpretation or technique, or maybe you're just using her as inspiration, downloading something by Hilary for under a dollar is a tremendous bargain!  Whether you buy or not, the previews are free.
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Samples of Hilary's Recordings
Hilary Hahn started playing the violin when she was just four years old. Quite by chance she and her father came across a sign advertising music lessons for four-year olds, and Hilary was enrolled in the Preparatory Division of Johns Hopkins University's  prestigous Peabody Institute.

Soon Hilary's talents were recognized and she was accepted to Philadelphia's Curtis Institute of Music. Her parents were extremely supportive. Her mother worked full-time as a librarian, her father part-time and shuttled Hilary to and from Philadelphia for lessons. Hilary and her father soon to Philadelphia, returning to Baltimore weekends to be with her mother.
Hilary's devotion to the music and technical expertise are legendary. In an interview, virtuosa Karen Gomyo was asked to characterize several well-known violinists in one sentence or less. When Hilary Hahn's name was mentioned, Karen's reply consisted of just three syllables, "Perfection."

It's not a characterization with which many people take issue. Even on "off" nights Hilary's performances draw rave reviews from concert-goers.
In spite of the fact that Hilary Hahn is one of the best known Classical Music artists in the world, she does not limit herself to any single genre of performance. She is as likely to choose to play a full concerto with one of the world's most renowned symphony orchestras as she is to perform in recital with a single pianist.

And Classical Music is not her only field. She is also known to collaborate with Popular Music artists such as Josh Ritter, as seen in the video at the left.
An intelligent, articulate young woman, Hilary is convinced that playing Classical Music gives an artist the freedom that many popular artists only dream of. She points out that a single bad performance will not have audiences fleeing desserting her and moving on to the next flash-in-the-pan sensation. She insists that the time she feels most free is when she practices, because nobody can interrupt her. She is completely free to do what she wants, and what she is meant to do.

An intensely private individual, her private life is off-limits to interviewers. She politely but firmly moves the interview on to another subject -- her music. And that's just the way her devoted fans would have it!
You can visit Hilary's website at, and you can follow musings about Hilary and violin in general on Twitter at