A lovely scroll on a violin
built by
David T. Van Zandt
See incredible scrolls carved by Peter Jay Huiras. Beautiful work on other instruments as well.
Click on the picture to see how a scroll is carved at Derek Roberts Violins. Or click HERE  to Start at the Beginning of this Series.
The Beautiful Scroll of a Violin crafted by Thurmond Knight.
Please Visit the Web Sites of the Craftsmen mentioned on this page, and if it is appropriate send them some of your business.  The resources they provide are great tools for learning about your violin.  No compensation has been provided to me by them, nor is any expected.  I have no link to them other than admiration for their work.
The Violin Scroll
Click the picture to visit Thurmond Knight's web site.
Click to see how Violin Scrolls are carved.
Click the picture to see some Amazing stringed instruments at Peter Jay Huiras's web site.
The violin's scroll is a beautiful carving at the end of the neck.  It is primarily there for decoration.  The scroll to the left was carved by Thurmond Knight.  Click on the picture to visit his web site.  Besides his shop in Vermont, Mr. Knight runs the Northern Knights Violinmaking School!
At the right you see a picture of Derek Roberts carving the scroll of one of his violins.  The material is flamed maple.  Mr. Roberts has his shops in the United Kingdom where he builds, restores and repairs instruments.  He also teaches the art of violinmaking.  He has an outstanding web site in which he demonstrates step by step how violins are made.
Traditionally violin scrolls are in the shape of a rolled up sheet of parchment, but some violinists prefer something a little different.  Creative violinmakers are often happy to oblige.  At the left you can see a violin scroll in the shape of a cougar's head!  He has done some incredible work on various types of instruments.  Click on the picture of the cougar to see his scrolls or HERE to visit his web site's index and see some amazing work!
The scroll and peg box have been carved and finished, they now await the addition of pegs and strings so that the violin can be played.  This is the work of David T. Van Zandt, whose work you will also see below.  He has a great web site with a tremendous amount of information about violin resources.  Mr Van Zandt's operation is in Seattle, Washington.