To Read, Watch, Listen To or Play

To Make Your Violin Playing Even Better!
Books for Children . . . The Fun Stuff For Kids
Suzuki Method
Mostly works of fiction for kids under the age of 12.  Most involve the violin, some just music, but all keep music in your kids' minds.
Books, CD's and other resources by and about Dr. Suzuki and his method of teaching and learning violin, music and life in general.  Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers.
Violin Technique . . . Non-Suzuki
Basic violin technique from the classical and traditional points of view.
A work in progress with definitions of many musical terms, with emphasis on those involving the violin.  New words added daily.
Instrument Care
Take care of your stringed instrument to make sure it looks and sounds its best.
Violins, Violinists, Composers and Luthiers . . . History and Biography
Recordings and Videos . . . Performance
Free Printable Staff Paper
Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet Music
Buying Your First Violin
What to look for.  A brief article with some basic advice.
Learn About Your Violin
What are the Parts of a Violin?  How is a Violin Made?  What is Rosin, and How Does It Work?  Have there always been Violins?  Here are some Answers!