It is amazing how much a good music stand can improve violin practice at home or in your studio!  Music at the right level helps you maintain proper posture, which promotes good sound and lessens the stress playing a violin places on your neck and shoulders. A Good Music Stand Is Vital for a Good Practice!
Music Stands
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A good, stable stand is a tremendous asset.  It just makes every part of practice easier.  It organizes your music.  It is a place to store pencils, paper clips, and other things that you seem to use in every practice session where they can easily be reached without interrupting your train of thought.  And with a "permanent" stand you can just leave them on the stand so that you don't have to go looking for them before every practice.  Great investment for the convenience and organizational benefits!
Then there are the accessories which make things even easier.  Sometimes it gets dark.  Sometimes the page is just too wide for the stand.  Sometimes you just need a place for your instrument to be where it won't be hit, or kicked, or stepped on.
I love the String Swing violin hanger pictured at the right. I own one. It slides over the lip of the stand and attaches firmly using a thumb screw. Very secure.  The only problem is that if you use a stand with a rolled edge, the edge is too wide to fit into the String Swing's slot, making the Manhasset preferable.
Manhasset M54 Regal Conductors Music Stand
Sometimes a little extra space in the form of a second lip on the stand is a welcome addition, as is additional width!
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Mighty Bright Duet Music Stand Light