Meisel Violin/Viola Stand
A portable, durable instrument stand for violin or viola. Their patented action allows for set up in seconds. The locking mechanism provides incredible stability. All fold down easily for excellent portability and have durable, baked on black finish. Sturdy double welded construction safely supports even the most delicate instruments. Necks and bodies are further protected by new neck restraint mechanism plus they include instrument finish friendly cushioning and rubberized caps. This is the finest and safest instrument stand available!
Belmonte Violin/Viola Stand
Manhasset Violin Holder
An adjustable holder for violin and viola and bows. Clips on the lip of all folding and concert music stands. Holds violin or viola and bows securely. Stores conveniently in the case.  This is very convenient during rehearsals or practice.  DO NOT use this as a place to store your instrument between practices.  Very effective when placed on a good, stable music stand.
Violin Stands
Violin Stands and Violin Holders serve two purposes. First, safety. Young violinists are notorious for placing their instruments in places where they are easily sat on. Second, convenience. At rehearsals or while practicing a stand gives you a hands-free way to safeguard your instrument while you take notes, mark your music, etc.  Finally, it has been shown that if your violin is stored in a place where it is visible and easily accessible, practice time goes up!
Konig and Meyer Multi Purpose Instrument Stand
A very unique instrument stand designed for a variety of instruments. Easy to set up. Compact, folding design makes it easy to transport and store. Exclusive non-marring material to protect your instrument is molded onto stand during manufacturing process. This stand will work for a guitar, French Horn, 3/4 size cello, violin and Viola. It has 5 different settings to change the width of the base to fit your instrument.  A good stand for many situations, but I prefer one which holds the bow as well. 
Belmonte Violin/Viola Stand
This adjustable stand not only keeps your violin out of harm's way, but displays it beautifully as well! In my opinion this is a wonderful stand for the studio of an adult musician, but does not seem to me to be a great answer for an orchestral situation.  I also prefer a stand which holds the bow as well.
Meisel Violin/Viola Stand
This fully collapsible tri-pod stand fits violins 4/4 thru 1/16 sizes, violas up to 16-1/2".   Adjustable height neck holder, unique bow holder, "finish friendly" cushioning, neck restraint, and protective feet; with a draw string bag for easy transport; only 14 ounces.  This is an effective stand, but frankly I prefer the more substantial violin stand shown above.
Meisel Violin & Viola Stand 4/4-1/16 Size