Violin Shoulder Rests
A Violin Shoulder Rest is not a luxury, it is a tool to help you play better.  If you do not own a good shoulder rest I would urge you to at least consider purchasing one.  You will be amazed at how much more comfortable playing is.  Your instrument will be more stable on your shoulder.  Your posture will improve dramatically.  In many instances there is a marked improvement is sound quality. 
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My Recommendations?

Bon Musica
I don't know a single person who owns uses this shoulder rest who is not passionate about it.  Fully adjustable, it considerably lessens the amount of effort used to hold the instrument.  I have included pictures from Bon Musica's website below which help illustrate how the shoulder rest works.  I use a Kun now, but my next shoulder rest will be a Bon Musica! The downside? It's more expensive than most other shoulder rests, an availability from online discount shops often seems to be quite limited!
Kun Collapsible

It's been around forever, but the Kun is still a viable option for a basic shoulder rest. The original version of the Kun works just fine, but it is troublesome to store and transport in your violin case. The Kun Collapsible deals with this by allowing the feet to fold down, making it much easier to store in your case.
Bon Musica Shoulder Rest
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