A violinist is always looking for ways to promote his instrument.  Sometimes it involves playing in public.  Sometimes it involves writing articles or telling folks about the violin or fiddle.  Sometimes wearing a Violin T-Shirt is all it takes to create the right impression.  A Fiddle T-Shirt might be just the right touch to bring another convert into the Violin / Fiddle fold!  Here are some interesting shirts I have seen.  Great gifts for someone else.  Fun for yourself.  Click a T-Shirt to have a closer look.
Fiddle and Violin T-Shirts
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They look the same!  They sound alike.  They're played the same way!  So what makes the difference between a VIOLIN and a FIDDLE?  Some say it is the set up--flatter bridge, brighter strings, maybe even an alternative tuning.  Some say it is just the attitude of the player or the repertoire the musician plays.  But here, at last, is the definitive answer!  The difference is in pronunciation.  The violin has STRINGS.  The fiddle has STRANGS.
Fiddle or Violin T-Shirt