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1838 - Lili'uokalani (also known as Lydia Kamaka'eha Paki), Hawaii's last sovereign (1891-93) before it became a US Territory, was born. She composed 'Aloha 'oe and Hawaiian anthem 'He mele lahui Hawaii' also pianist, organist, and choral director.

1917 - Laurindo Almeida, Grammy Award-winning composer, musician: guitar, was born.  He wrote Girl from Ipanema.

1965 - The Beatles received a gold record for their single "Help!", from the movie of the same name.

1972 - First performance of K. Penderecki's Cello Concerto, at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

1997 -
Rudolph Bing, former director of the Metropolitan Opera, died in NYC at age 95.
Ureli Corelli Hill died September 2, 1875.  This is a name almost unknown in classical music circles today, but the organization he founded is one of the best known in the world, The New York Philharmonic Society.
Not only did Hill found the society, he was the first conductor of the orchestra, its first president, and he played violin with the orchestra until he was over 70.

Founded in 1842, the New York Philharmonic is the oldest symphony orchestra in the USA and one of the oldest in the world.  In additon to performing the classic symphony repertoire, the Philharmonic has always championed the new music of its day, giving many important works, such as Dvorák's Symphony No. 9, "From the New World," their first performances. It also schedules works by major contemporary composers each season.

The orchestra undertook its first domestic tour in 1882, under Leopold Damrosch. After it merged with the Symphiony Society of New York in 1928, the Philharmonic made its first European tour, under Arturo Toscanini, in 1930. To date, the Orchestra has performed in approximately 412 cities in 57 countries on five continents.

The Philharmonic has recorded nearly 2,000 albums (its first recording in 1917).  Their recordings have staying power, with more than 500 currently available.

In 1922, the Philharmonic was the first major orchestra to broadcast a live concert.  The orchestra presented televised "Young People's Concerts" under conductor Leonard Bernstein.  For almost 30 years the orchestra has appeared on "Live From Lincoln Center."  Clearly this is not an organization that shies away from the air waves.

Today the Philharmonic plays more than 175 concerts a year, most of them in Avery Fisher Hall, during the 35 weeks of its subscription season.
In 1965 the Philharmonic launched a series of free annual Concerts in the Parks. More than 13 million people have attended these concerts since they were established. The Philharmonic’s Liberty Weekend Concert in Central Park on July 5, 1986, drew an estimated 800,000 listeners, the largest audience in history for a classical music concert. On February 7, 2002, the Philharmonic gave its 13,500th concert—a milestone unmatched by any other orchestra in the world.

Today the Philharmonic plays more than 175 concerts a year, most of them in Avery Fisher Hall.  Its subscription season lasts 35 weeks.

The orchestra realizes its tremendous opportunity to touch its community and its world.  In addition to a substantial devotion to education in its
performances in educational settings, its opening rehearsals to the public, its famous Young People's Concerts, its Phil Teens programs and its Programs for Adults the orchestra's KidZone web site reaches out to children world wide.
It takes a lot of musicians to play in a philharmonic orchestra.  Can You Guess how many play in the New York Philharmonic?

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There are 106 musicians in the New York Philharmonic!
New York Philharmonic
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