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October 17
Can You Guess?
It was appropriate for Paul Wittgenstein to premiere Richard Strauss' Parergon to the Symphonia domestica for piano left hand and orchestra. Can You Guess why this was such a good match?  Sorry, no hint today!

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What Else
1849 - Death of composer Frederic Chopin in Paris.

1905 - Premiere of Alexander Glazunov's Violin Concerto. Soloist was Micha Elman. At Queen's Hall, London.

1910 - Death of American composer Julia Ward Howe at 91. (Battle Hymn of the Republic).

1941 - First performance of William Schuman's Symphony No. 3. Boston Symphony, Serge Koussevitzky conducting.

1954 - Arthur W. Haule III, amateur violinist and webmaster, was born.

1964 - She's Not There, by the Zombies, was released.

1979 - Tusk, the two record set by Fleetwood Mac, was released.

1991 - Premiere of Wayne Peterson's 1992 Pulitzer Prize winning Face of the Night, The Heart of the Dark for orchestra. San Francisco Symphony, David Zinman conducting.

1996 - Premiere of Peter Lieberson's Fire. New York Philharmonic concert conducted by Leonard Slatkin.

Did You Guess?
Paul Wittgenstein was a classically trained pianist.  During World War I he was injured and had his right arm amputated.  Wittgenstein continued his music career after the war, commissioning several well-known composers to write works for left hand only.
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