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Leroy Jenkins was born in Chicago, Illinois April 11, 1932.

By the time Leroy was eight years old he was already playing his violin at the Ebeneezer Baptist Church.

Leroy studied music in high school, then attended Florida A&M University,  where he studied with Bruce Hayden and completed his B.S. in music.
1781 - Anthony Philip Heinrich, US-Bohemian violinist/composer was born.

1791 - Premiere of F. J. Haydn's Symphony No. 92,

1812 - William Vincent Wallace, Irish violinist, organist and composer, was born.

1829 - Mendelssohn, age 20, directed Bach's St. Matthew Passion. First time since Bach's death and sparks interest in Bach's music.

1851 - Premiere of Verdi's Rigoletto, in Venice.

1867 - Premiere of Verdi's Don Carlos, in Paris.

1886 - Premiere of Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony inspired by Byron, in Moscow.

1888 - Premiere of Antonin D'vorak's Symphony No. 2 in Bb (1865), in Prague.

1903 - The Metropolitan Opera staged its first opera composed by a woman, Ethel Smyth's Der Wald (The Forest).

1911 - Howard Mitchell, US conductor and cellist, was born. Conductor of Washington D.C. National S.O. 1949-1970.

1950 - Bobby McFerrin, US vocalist / conductor, was born.

1999 - Premiere of John Corigliano's A Dylan Thomas Trilogy. National Symphony, Leonard Slatkin conducting.
Leroy Jenkins
For the next ten years Jenkins remained in the South teaching music.

Jenkins returned to Chicago in 1965, and he was immediately drawn into Chicago's creative music scene.  He joined the Association for the Advancement of Creative Music (AACM). Jenkins says that his joining the group  marked the first time that as a violin player he was truly welcomed into creative music performances. During this time Jenkins played and recorded with Muhal Richard Abrams, Leo Smith, and Anthony Braxton.

In 1969, Jenkins left for Paris with Braxton and Smith. The three men joined with drummer Steve McCall to form the Creative Construction Company. Their 1970 performance in New York, joined by Richard Davis on bass and Abrams on piano, was the first time New Yorkers were able to enjoy the kind of new music that the musicians of the Windy City were creating.

Jenkins continued to work with the many of the finest creative musicians.... Archie Shepp , Albert Ayler , Alice Coltrane , Mtume , Cal Massey , to name a few.  But it was the work of the Revolutionary Enemble (co-founded with bassist Sirone and drummer Jerome Cooper) that gained Jenkins prominence as one of the most significant avant garde violinists of the modern era. 

Leroy Jenkins works in many different genres of music and in many different roles. Many of his recordings, including Tomato, Space Minds, New Worlds, and Survival in America have received rave reviews. Some of Jenkins's more recent recordings find him participating in solo, trio and quintet contexts, but his recordings with woodwind player Oliver Lake have received some of his most outstanding reviews. 

Whether you are one of Jenkins's devoted fans, or run for the off switch on your stereo when you hear his music, you will probably have a strong opinion of Leroy Jenkins's work.
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Below we talk about vocal performer Bobby McFerrin.  Click Here To See the Intro to his web site. Listen for a moment, then, Can You Guess what McFerrin's parents did for a living?

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Bobby McFerrin's parents were both opera singers.  In fact, his father was the first African-American male soloist at the Metropolitan Opera,
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