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Johann Sebastian Bach may have said it best:
"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul."
And that would be an excellent use of our violins. Though not the ten-stringed lyre of David's day, our four strings can certainly praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

Click HERE to read what C.S. Lewis had to say about INTENTION in Christian musicClick HERE to read what Lewis said about MUSICAL TASTE.
You know how important the bridge is on your instrument:
Here's a Visual Reminder of How Important Jesus Christ is in the Live of a Christian
Whether your worship experience is best described as the TWANG of Bluegrass fiddle or the soft, smooth tones of a Bill Gaither tune.  Whether your heart soars when you hear themes from Handel's Messiah, or it takes the latest worship chorus to set you in the proper mood to praise the Lord.  The violin fits into every style of music used that the church has used for the last four hundred years!  And it would have fit in before that as well, but it just hadn't been invented yet!
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Our goal here is to present the Christian Violinist, or for that matter the Christian Musician in general, a place where he can get a little inspiration, find good deals on Christian Sheet Music and Christian Music Apparel, and maybe just see what is new.  A few surprises along the way, perhaps.  But we hope this little experiment will be a blessing to those who seek to praise the King of Kings with music . . . especially on the violin. 

Check in often.  This is definitely a work in progress, and it will grow day by day.
Learn the Stories behind some of your favorite hymns!

Greg Grooms was the worship leader at First Evangelical Free Church of Austin, Texas for several years.  He often told the story behind a hymn before he led us in singing it. It was inspirational. It was informative. And it made a difference in the enthusiasm with which the congregation sang. It also helped us to remember the hymns throughout the week. I still remember some of Greg's stories years later.

These books are tremendous resources for worship leaders and Christian musicians in general.
Christian Sheet Music for Violin or Fiddle
And How Could You Have a Christian Violin Site Without Sheet Music?  Click the Violin to Go To Our Christian Sheet Music Page Where You Will Find Sheet Music (Many Items Free or Below Suggested Retail.)  Purchases Made Through These Links Help Support Violin Student Central and This Christian Violinist Page.
Barry Bowers--Christian Violinist
Click his name to see how one man uses the King of Strings to Praise the King of Kings
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With Quote: "The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshement of the soul."
What's Ahead?
This page is in its infancy.  Over the coming weeks I will be adding links to sites that feature free sheet music. Biographies of well-known Christian artists are in the works.  Maybe even some suggestions, hints and ideas to help make your worship experience more fulfilling!  Did you ever think about your violin as an evangelism tool!  I'm working on some thoughts in that vein as well.  This is an exciting time for Violin Student Central.  Stop by often and watch how we grow!
I played in a church orchestra directed by Ron McGee. Ron emphasized that we, as an orchestra, are not simply there as accompanists.  We are not there to provide a performance.  We are on the altar for two reasons.  First, to worship God ourselves.  Second, as worship leaders.  Our purpose is not to entertain, it is to bring members of the congregation, the ministry staff, and the other musicians present closer to God . . . into a more worshipful frame of mind. We are there to ensure that God receives the praise He deserves.  We are there for, in the words of Bach, " the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul. "