The Violin Body
You may have looked at the other pages about violin parts.  The scroll, the pegs, the fingerboard, the bridge, the strings all play their part . . . but without the violin's body you would have no sound whatsoever.

There are many web sites on the Internet that show how a violin is constructed, but the very best pictures I have found are on the Derek Roberts Violins and Barbarossa Guitars sites.  Please visit these sites, I promise that you will be impressed. Every photo on this page is a link to one of these sites.  I have no connection to them other than tremendous admiration for their work.
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Barbarossa Guitars
Barbarossa Guitars
You are looking at the front of a violin after it was constructed at the Barbarossa Guitars shop.
The front of a violin is usually made of spruce.  Other parts of the body are usually of maple.  Click
HERE to see a great series on selecting the wood for an instrument and starting the construction process in the Derek Roberts Violins shop.
One thing that you will notice is the holes in the front of the violin. They are usually referred to as f-holes due to their shape. As described on other pages, the violinst draws the bow across the string.  The vibrating string moves the bridge.  The bridge transfers the vibration to the belly of the violin.  This starts the process of sound production.  It is the vibration of the entire body of the instrument that will produce the sound.
Please Visit the Web Sites of the Craftsmen mentioned on this page, and if it is appropriate send them some of your business.  The resources they provide are great tools for learning about your violin.  No compensation has been provided to me by them, nor is any expected.  I have no link to them other than admiration for their work.